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Just Released: Scar’s Beauty by K. H. Renard

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Photographing beach activities for a resort guide, Jeff, thirty, finds himself in the presence of Karin Vance, the twenty-one-year old he’d photographed from afar for a fund-raising school band calendar. She’d been a feature baton twirler, sparkling in a silver-sequined bodysuit, tossing flaming batons into the night sky. She was just as alluring in her bikini even though it revealed a horrible scar on her abdomen. What was the cause? Why did she insist on hanging around when two dudes kept calling her back into their orbit? Was this the “precious young thing” his friend Wanita said he’d find if he just looked? Would she, could she extinguish memories of a lost love?

Reader Alert! Romance can happen at any time, as Jeff Pound, thirty, learned that Labor Day weekend of nineteen-eighty-one. On the beach, pining for his lost love Darla, he found himself accosted by Karin Vance, the twenty-one-year old former feature baton twirler he’d photographed for a school calendar but had never spoken with. Now, kneeling by his blanket, she couldn’t stop talking, and he couldn’t stop staring. She was as much a vision in her bikini as in that silver-sequined bodysuit and white boots, tossing flaming batons into the night sky. Only a wicked scar marred her figure.

To My Readers: “The only cure for a woman is a woman.” These words of wisdom that a close female friend imparted to me in 1977 underpin Scar’s Beauty. You never know when that other woman will enter the arena.

About the Author: K. H. Renard spent many a weekend in the late ‘70s photographing the beach and its denizens for a shore community’s weekly and annual guides. While visiting Atlantic City in 2016 Renard was inspired by past memories to compose this only slightly May-December romance.

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