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Just Released: The Magic of Loving Him by Abbey Faith

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Emory Ranlyn has finally achieved it: the perfect, normal lifestyle as a father and bookseller. He couldn’t imagine being happier than he is with his routine, privacy, and novels. He’s forgotten about Ellis Steele, the man who enchanted him years before and then left without saying a word. That is, until one night a familiar man dressed like a gypsy turns up outside the bookshop and gets himself shot. Emory knows at once that this very stranger is none other than Ellis himself, and when he takes him in and nurses him back to health, he spends more time than he’d like to admit wondering what it’d be like to be wrapped in an embrace he remembers all too well. But even as Ellis heals and tells Emory that he came back just for him, Emory is bitter about all the years that he spent wondering where he had gone, or if he was even alive. If Ellis ever wants to earn his love, he’ll have to use more than his body this time. Will a gypsy’s magic be enough to bring together two people who couldn’t be more divided?

Reader Alert! A Victorian romance that traverses time, magic, and a simmering attraction, The Magic of Loving Him follows Emory Ranlyn, a city-dweller who thrives in normalcy, and Ellis Steele, a gypsy who ghosted out of everyone’s lives one day and is back to earn the love of his rom.

To My Readers: The Magic of Loving Him is for anyone who yearns for the ethereal and bizarre, and who wants to escape from the everyday. Ellis and Emory will take you on an unforgettable journey and show you how far someone will go for love.

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