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Just Released: Matters of the Heart by Helen Colella

by admin

Young bank executive, Amanda Conifer, believes in the value of family, friendships and love, UNTIL she, her grandfather, Pete Russo; her new love interest, Nick Dalton; and her surrogate big brother, Charles Wharley, all become the targets of a secret group of investors determined to make Crestview, CO the new state gambling Mecca—by any means possible.

Following a barrage of violent acts, intimidation, destruction, lies, and deception Amanda is forced to question herself, the man she loves and all those in her life. She fears her world is falling apart as the ugliness of greed, the horror of evil and the challenge of survival invade every inch of her being.  Confused and disheartened, she struggles to find answers to questions like:

Does love at first sight exist? Is true love just a fantasy? Who can I trust?

Where do I find help? What does my future have in store for me?

After a rough start Amanda finally pulls herself together, takes a few chances to fix her life and hopefully live happily ever after.

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Amanda Conifer struggles to keep her faith in and love for the man of her dreams, Nick Dalton alive despite the warnings from her extended family members, the perils of the unscrupulous Crestview Committee and her own self doubts.

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About the Author: I am a published freelance writer, mother of 5, and former teacher. My work includes: educational books & materials; non-fiction articles & stories for adults & children in general interest & parenting magazines & newspapers; several anthologies like Chicken Soup for the Soul (25).

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