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Just Released: Radio Game by Patricia Brancoforte

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As owner and operator of the High Road Diner, Anna Marino finally felt she had her life on an even keel that is until Chet Anderson blew through the diner’s doors one fateful Thanksgiving morning.  That is the day when she knew her orderly solitary life was about to spin out of control.  With the well-meaning albeit somewhat manipulative antics of the eclectic group of friends and loyal patrons, Anna’s heart as well as her body, were reawakened from their dormant state in full view of all who knew her.

Although it is the main theme, this book is not your typical romance.  The characters are real, with having been through life’s ups and downs.  There are some very light as well as comical moments, such as clumsiness in words and action as the result of a case of the nerves brought upon by the unexpected attraction of the main characters as well as poignant moments with tales of true love as well as grief.  The unforgettable characters of the best friend and the gossips only a small town can produce lend a balance to the storyline.  I have also made it a point to include characters of all ages and diverse ethnicities which allows something or someone for everyone to relate to other than just the hero and heroine of the story.

With blowing and blinding snow making driving near impossible, Chet Anderson notices a roadside diner where he can warm up and calculate just how and when he could be back on the road en route to reconnect with his now grown daughter. Upon entering, he finds himself absorbed in an annual Thanksgiving radio game show, complete with an array of intriguing and at times amusing locals. Sparks fly as his eyes meet with that of the diner’s owner, Anna Marino, a single mother of two grown daughters, having sworn off any type of romantic relationship. With the patrons noticing what Anna denied as an attraction, they set out to bring the two together by whatever means they had available, including an impromptu dinner with all invited, including the handsome stranger who just walked into their lives. Through many twists and turns and coming to terms with their respective pasts, Anna begins to let her guard down and her romantic appetite up.

Reader Alert! The journey Anna and Chet take together and apart will captivate your interest and imagination, wondering just where it will all lead and how they could possibly get there, with each having a complicated past. With the good times as well as the poignant ones, under the guidance of well-meaning friends, will they give into the voice in their hearts or would logic prevail and have them finally go their separate ways.

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