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New Release:Pleasures of the Soul by Natalie Hancock

June 2, 2014

Tweet Aaliyah didn’t believe in love-at-first-sight until she met Aidan—he was everything she could ever want and more. When Aaliyah discovers Aidan is a vampire, and that she and her best friend have been chosen as potential mates for himself and members of his vampire clan, she runs, losing her best friend along the way. […]

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New Release–Ella Ever After

May 2, 2014

Tweet My favorite thing about this story is Ella’s growth. She had to learn to be strong and independent. She wasn’t really sure who she was because she spent her whole life trying to be what people thought she should be. Blake had spent is immortality trying to stay out of other people’s personal drama. […]

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More Steamy Sphinx Books to Love

May 1, 2014

Tweet SPHINX TRANSFORMED Available May 2014!     Sphinx Transformed – Death defying battles where Joshua and Alexandria fight for their lives and their love.   Christine Murphy is excited to announce the release of her third novel in The Sphinx Warriors Series – SPHINX TRANSFORMED.  Available May 2014, it can be found At […]

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Speed Date My Heroine — Sphinx United

April 4, 2014

Tweet Speed dating questions – From  Point of View Eleina   1) What do you do for work?  I am a Priestess of the Great Pyramids of Giza.  At one time I used my Powers along with my sisters to protect the Sphinx Warriors as they battled against the evil Wraith.  Because the Warriors no longer […]

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She’s A Lot Like You by FAYE HALL

April 2, 2014

Tweet “She’s a lot Like You” deals with the young unbridled passion of two young lovers who are torn apart by the lies and deceit of their families.  Ten years later they are reunited, each with revenge in mind.  What they found though was a love worth dying for. Willow Jameson knew nothing of her […]

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NEW RELEASE — Sphinx United

April 1, 2014

Tweet   To all the loyal romance enthusiasts.  Here is the sizzling and intense second book in the continuing saga of The Sphinx Warriors Series.  At the end of the first book, Sphinx Remembered, a Priestess is discovered trapped in a Fractured Gate during a horrendous battle between the Warriors and the Wraith.   Her appearance […]

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March 13, 2014

Tweet When I decided to write about three stunning FBI agents going undercover to portray themselves as high-class escorts, I wondered if the FBI would contact me, question me, about a fictional story that stated they were running an escort service.  After all, I thought about the possibility of bad publicity for their organization.   […]

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Speed Date My Hero– Russell O’Reilly from The Banker and the Call Girl

March 8, 2014

Tweet Welcome, Russell. We love what you’re wearing today. I mean, we’re so glad to see you today! *fans self* Let’s get started.     1) What do you do for work?   I work for the U. S. Secret Service. 2) Where are you from?   Downey, California. 3) What is the one thing about yourself that […]

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Sacred, Scared with Abby Wood

March 1, 2014

Tweet Have you ever read a book that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading?   Maybe you sighed over a breathtaking love story or cried as your heart broke. You might even have put the book on the shelf only to read it a year later and still, those same feelings come back […]

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New Release– The Agent and the Call Girl — Monica Owens

February 3, 2014

Tweet   Escorts Undercover, a top-secret division of the FBI, puts another beautiful agent in peril. Agent Sandi Simms takes on a case that starts as identity theft but soon turns into terrorism. Sandi’s job is to pretend to be a high-class escort and get her suspect to talk about his work—in the bedroom.  But […]

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NEW RELEASE– Fallen Demon by Monica Owens

February 1, 2014

Tweet Welcome to the world of the Fallen Angels! Delve into the lives of the men who try to keep Humanity safe, those that lost their angel status and are now atoning for their sins. Classic Good vs Evil with a romantic twist, the fallen angels are losing their hearts to their soul mates just […]

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A MARINE’S PROPOSAL by Lisa Carlisle

January 22, 2014

Tweet   When Slade Masters, her closest friend in the Marine Corps, proposes to her, Caitlyn O’Neill lets her thrill overshadow the catch. It’s a marriage in name only. Slade thinks a temporary marriage is the perfect solution to their problematic living situations in the barracks. Despite her reservations about the deceit involved, Caitlyn is […]

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Speed Date My Hero–Slade from A MARINE’S PROPOSAL

January 18, 2014

Tweet   Why, hello you hunky Marine! Meet Slade Masters, USMC, in A Marine’s Proposal by Lisa Carlisle 1) What do you do for work? The United States Marine Corps 2) Where are you from? Austin, Texas 3) What is the one thing about yourself that you would like me to know? I’m a Marine. That’s all you […]

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SPEED DATE MY HERO– Rand Rhodes from The Client and the Call Girl

January 11, 2014

Tweet Welcome, Rand, you hunky man, you. Let’s get right to the questioning then break open the wine, shall we?     1) What do you do for work? I work for the IRS catching criminals.  Embezzlers, tax evaders, you know… 2) Where are you from? Originally from Chicago but my parents split so I spent time […]

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From the Author’s Desk — The Client and the Call Girl

January 8, 2014

Tweet The Client and the Call Girl is a twist on a romantic suspense story.  It’s about a female FBI agent who goes undercover as a high-class call girl to arrest her suspect.  When she meets the undercover agent already working inside with the suspect she’s so attracted to him she can’t think, has difficulty […]

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Author Emily Sinclare About A Client and a Call Girl

January 4, 2014

Tweet   I didn’t expect to write erotic romances and yet I love it.  My previous books were sexy and fun with lots of adventure, but when I was asked to turn a romance into erotica I did. After I asked what erotica was, that is…  “Sex, sex, sex, followed by sexual tension, sexual tension, […]

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Speed Date My Hero–Taggart from Sail Away With Me

December 18, 2013

Tweet A warm welcome to Taggart, hero of Sail Away With Me, out now from Red Sage! My, aren’t you hunky? I mean…welcome aboard.   1) What do you do for work? I’m a motivational speaker and author. 2) Where are you from? I live in Miami. Oh, check that, I used to live in Miami…. 3) What […]

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December 14, 2013

Tweet   SAIL AWAY WITH ME: THIS BOAT ROCKS…     About Sail Away With Me: Before Jody Carter and her three best friends ever set foot aboard the luxury cruise ship, Jody falls into the arms of uber hunky celebrity guest Taggart Keith, when he saves her shoe from falling to the depths of […]

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Hot New Release–LAST CHANCE

November 2, 2013

Tweet   This week marks the release of my third novel Last Chance, the conclusion of the Chances trilogy.  In Second Chance, star-crossed lovers Lindsay Foster and Brian Rembrandt got a second chance at love amid the brilliant blue waters of Lake Tahoe. In Chance Encounter, Delaney Richards and Mike Savoy’s quest for love takes […]

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Chance Encounter of a Lifetime

October 26, 2013

Tweet October marks the release of my second novel, Chance Encounter, the second installment in my Chances trilogy. We can all think of books we couldn’t wait to finish, yet at the same time didn’t want to end. That’s how I felt about Second Chance; I wanted to continue the story through another set of […]

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Interview with Martha O’Sullivan

September 6, 2013

Tweet Welcome to Martha, author of Second Chance, our brand new Red Sage release for September! Let’s get started with the interview! Speed dating questions Martha O’Sullivan 1) What do you do for work? Stay-at-home mom and writer 2) Where are you from? Chicago 3) What is the one thing about yourself that you would […]

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When you get a Second Chance

September 2, 2013

Tweet   Welcome to the blog I’ve been waiting my entire life to write. This week marks the release of my first novel Second Chance. I hope this is the first of many posts we will share. Second Chance is the first installment of my Chances trilogy.  Here’s a sneak peak… Lindsay Foster has convinced […]

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September 1, 2013

Tweet             Description: Everything was fine until Brian Rembrandt came back to town. Lindsay Foster was finally getting her life back together and planning a future with the ever-indulging Paul Webster. How dare Brian think he could waltz back into her life and pick up where they left off!  But […]

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ACADEMY OF LOVE–Hot New Release from Kate Deveaux

August 3, 2013

Tweet The setting is a major factor in ACADEMY OF LOVE, the lush rolling green hills of Virginia Horse country and the prim Girl’s Boarding School and riding academy. Having graduated from a boarding school similar to Lewiston Academy for Girls, (of course there was no hunky Lawrence in real life, darn it) I always […]

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Speed Date My Hero–Joe Hazard from HAZARD DUTY

July 6, 2013

Tweet Welcome, Sailor! We love having big, strong men with us. Sit back and let us undress you with our eyes–I mean ask you very important questions! Let’s get started. 1) What do you do for work? Currently I’m assigned to recruiting duty for the USN. 2) Where are you from? Bird’s Gap West Virginia […]

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