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Belle Sloane grew up in one of the great European cities of romance, Heidelberg, Germany.  Growing up on the continent gave her an opportunity to travel extensively, which she feels colors and textures her writing in a big way.  In 8th grade, her sister lent her a romance novel, and that was the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.  When she realized it was the love scenes that really shined in her writing, she decided to give erotic romance a go, and found it to be a great fit, and great fun.  She lives is the beautiful Rio Grande Valley, in New Mexico with her dream man, and their wonderful kids. 

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Sweet Charity
by Belle Sloane

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Sweet Charity

Belle Sloane
Historical erotic romance
Available from Red Sage
ISBN: 978-1-60310-539-2
September 2010


In the 1910 Albuquerque, New Mexico Territory, Charity Blythe lived a horrible life. She had a guardian since the death of her parents. Her Aunt Berthe was her guardian. Edwin, her adopted son, was Charity's fiancé. Her aunt told her that she couldn't get her inheritance unless she married. Berthe chose Edwin for that honour. However, he was rude, crude, and mean. He refused to marry her until he was convinced she could perform her "wifely" duties. When she didn't respond to him, he sent her to a special doctor.

Dr. Dillon Ramsey was unlike any doctor I've ever been to. His job was to test her abilities to respond to a partner. He found there was no problem other than Edwin's ineffective pursuit of Charity. He fell for her himself and, through a series of events, they started looking for answers to this bizarre situation.

This book by Belle Sloane is my first by this author. This book was well written and interesting to follow. There were several surprising events which took place during the book. There was also a ménage which was totally unexpected. Her characters were strong, well developed and totally engrossing. Some parts were, however, a little hard to believe—such as the initial doctor's visit.

The sensuality of this storyline was quite graphic. The story was compelling and very interesting. I recommend this book for anyone who likes historical romance with vivid sensuality. Sloane is definitely an author I would love to read again.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Brenda Talley



Sweet Charity by Belle Sloane
Erotic Historical Romance- Sept.2010

Sweet.Charity.jpg4 ½ stars!!!! star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifStarFull.gif

This book was surprisingly moving.  Charity is ashamed of her body because her fiancée, Edwin is rude and vulgar.  But she must marry him or she will not inherit and be left destitute.  But Edwin is turned off by her lack of ‘initiative’ and sexuality.  So he refuses to marry her unless she sees a doctor to find out what is ‘wrong’ with her.  This book explores her sensual awakening as the good doctor, Dillon Ramsey helps her with her problem.  And surprise, they have a lot of chemistry!  (Charity also has a chance to see how people who enjoy sex and respect each other feel.)  When Charity goes out for a ride to break free from her troubled thoughts she has an accident and the Dillon rides to the rescue and their attraction for each other strengthens.  When she overhears her aunt and Edwin in a heated conversation, Charity begins to suspect that her aunt has lied to her about having to marry to retain her fortune.  She decides to take charge of her life and check the will.  Meanwhile Dillon also suspects something is wrong and is determined to find a lawyer to check after Charity’s best interests.

This story gives whole new meaning to ‘playing doctor’ and Dillon and Charity have a lot of fun.  The hero was very heroic!  I enjoyed reading as poor Charity realized what an  a##  her fiancée is and gains the self confidence and self respect to get what she wants and not let others choose for her.   Even though this was a short story I felt it was complete and the characters were fully fleshed out.  The author does an expert job of making you care for them.  I liked Dillon because while he is masterful in the bedroom he never seemed overbearing or pushy.  He was the perfect knight in shining armor to a damsel who decided she would take control of her own life!   This story has a lot of scorching scenes and there is a short f/f scene.

This was a delightfully decadent and thoughtful story from an author that I will be keeping an eye out for. I loved it.  It has a real plot, dastardly villains, and a lot of sizzling sex to keep your attention.   Oh, yeah!

Reviewed by Steph form the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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