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Cricket Starr, the erotic romance alter ego of Janet Miller, has been writing sexy stories for many years and has won numerous awards for both erotic and non-erotic work. She loves writing stories about the crossover point in relationships where lust and attraction transform into love. She makes her home in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband of too many years to keep track of. You can read more about her at her website www.janetmillerromance.com and contact her at janet@janetmillerromance.com
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by Cricket Starr

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RT Book Reviews - 4 stars!!!StarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gif

This well-crafted short futuristic novel has all the elements for success: handsome synthetically created male meets dust-covered synth female and is immediately attracted. Alas, he believes she's a woman, setting up for a fun and entertaining plot. Things get real steamy for these former pleasure slaves, and readers will enjoy their antics.


Although days of drudgery looking for ore on an asteroid might not be pleasing to most, it's been Reyna's dream for years. The synth staked her claim once she obtained her freedom and finally struck ore. Then Steel arrives. Although she feels an attraction unlike any she's known since her days as a pleasure slave, she hopes the backbreaking work will keep him away from her claim.

Steel hides his status as a synth because he doesn't want to scare away the first woman he's ever had feelings for. Just when their hard work begins to pay off and their feelings unite, an unseen force threatens everything.

Donna M. Brown



Cricket Starr

Rating 4 !!!StarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gif

What is love? Can love grow in any environment between any people?  In PARTNERS, Cricket Starr tries to show that everyone is deserving of love and it is your actions that matter more than anything else.

Reyna is a synth.  That means that she was made and not born. Originally synths were created for menial labor and as pleasure slaves.  They were thought to not possess the ability to think and feel deep emotions.  Newer laws have freed the synths, so now they are indentured servants and not slaves. Reyna is able to buy her own freedom and has bought half rights to an asteroid and its minerals.
She has spent the last six months mining the asteroid and feels lucky, she’s about to strike it rich. That is until she gets a visit from her boss…well not a visit but a delivery.

Reyna returns to her ship to find a man sitting in her living room. Steel is her new partner.  She hopes that she can run him off within the first few days, but as time goes on, they realize that they are perfect for each other.  Too bad their relationship is based on lies. When is the right time to tell your partner that you are not the human they think you are? Synths are not supposed to be able to love…then what are these feelings growing between Steel and Reyna?

PARTNERS is an interesting and fun read.  A very descriptive world has been set up here, especially considering the space constraints of this story.  Steel and Reyna have issues, though they learn to overcome
detours that life has sent them.  This is a solid read if you like quick, light and science fiction stories.

Reviewed by Sarah Silversmith

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