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With my self diagnosed ADD (aka shiny object syndrome) it’s amazing I get anything done.

Running the family bar in West Englewood Chicago, hosting The Love Exchange on the internet, and writing characters that I fall in love with, it’s no wonder I’m single. Where the hell would I find the time to date? When I do I try and post my dating experiences on my blog, No Sex in the Metro. Yeah the name says it all.

That’s why I write very sensual erotic romances.

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Anaria Okam breathes war. She lives for vengeance. Wekari, an enemy planet, took the most precious thing from her –her mother. Though her mother lives in body, she is broken in spirit. Since the time Anaria could understand words, her father, ruler of the planet Loden, instilled in her the need to seek vengeance and destroy Wekari.

While trading goods on the neutral planet of Atlzo she spots the enemy, Marshall Kalil Umba, leader of the Wekarian armies. Seizing an opportunity, she follows him. As she gets close to him, her body lights with need. Then the embers of desire cause her whole body to glow.

Kalil, of the space ship Destruction has finally found his mate. He realizes she is a warrior from the enemy planet of Loden. He captures her. Now he must make her trust him, love him, and leave everything she has ever known.

Review Highlights

Torn by KD King




“Wh-What are you doing?” she didn’t mean to sound so shaky.
His hands caressed her thighs, down to her leg, and stopped on her boots. “I’m taking your boots off.”
She jerked her legs away. “Why?”
He smiled “It’s time to go to bed.”
Her gaze flung to the bed, then him. But if she was to defeat him she must win his trust. Slowly, she bent to unlace her boots. Slowly, and carefully, so he could not discover her hidden contraptions. Scooting past him to the other side of the bed, she laid her boots on the floor and got under the covers. “See you in the morning.” She tossed over her shoulder.  Though she had no intention of sleeping, she closed her eyes.
The room was silent.   Then, the sound of a zipper slowing creeping its way down. “What are you doing?” She sat upright in the bed.
 “I’m going to bed.” He finished unzipping his dark grey uniform and removed it. His cock jutted out pointing straight at her. “I sleep naked.”
Pulsing veins surrounding his thick, long cock. It seemed as massive as he was. Her eyes were riveted as the pre-cum peeked between his slit, slid down his tip, and made its way to the floor.
“Like what you see?”
Her eyes shot up to his. Of course, she noticed his huge muscular physique and the ripples of his stomach, like the waves of a Loden ocean. But to be caught gawking, to lose face before this enemy, was intolerable. “I am too tired to notice.” Lying down, she turned her back to him.
Why did he affect her so? His scent overwhelmed and intoxicated her. He smelled of war, lust, and man. Every inhalation was a shot of pheromones straight to her core. Don’t turn around. Don’t turn around.
“The door is locked. You can’t leave.”
Anaria was so busy trying not to turn and devour her captor that she could not focus on a plan to sneak out while he was sleep. Just breathe, she commanded herself.
“Don’t fight it.” His words taunted her.
She made her voice cold.  “Fight what?”
“I can smell your desire.”
“What you smell is my hatred, my contempt, my—” she gasped.
Strong calloused hands, rested on her hips, slid up her side and caressed her encased breasts. “Really? Your nipples are hard. I bet you if I took this suit off you I’d find you wet.”
She no longer trusted her voice. His breath caressed her skin. Soft lips trailed a path from her ear to her neck. She stopped breathing, scared he wouldn’t stop, scared he would. The full length of his cock rubbed along the crevice of her butt. Thank goodness she was still clothed. He gently turned her onto her back.
The glow surrounding him only emphasized the perfection of his face, with his, dark piercing eyes, and golden skin. Curiosity and uncontrollable hormones got the best of her. She reached her hand up and caressed the angular contours of his face. He bent his head down. Faces flashed through her mind. Her mother. Her father. Eyes without souls. Broken spirits. Fallen soldiers. She turned her head. His lips landed on her cheek.
“I was wondering when you would show your true colors. Wekarian” She spat the last word as a curse.

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