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One Wish - by Calista Fox
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Category: Contemporary, Mystery & Detective, Paranormal & Occult
Length: Novelette
MSRP/List Price: $5.50
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: Jillian Anderson is at her wits end when it comes to the crazy mishaps and constant problems she encounters when she takes over her uncle’s bar, the Old Age Saloon. She’s up to her eyeballs in debt and bad luck. To make matters worse, Jillian has a bad case of unrequited love for bad boy Luke Parsons. They set the sheets ablaze at night, but by the light of day, Luke is as elusive as the eternal bliss her uncle had promised her when she took over the saloon.

But Sedona, Arizona, is a mystical place to live, and when a playful genie hopped up on spicy, tequila-laced pickles offers her one wish, Jillian finds she has to open her own heart in order to win Luke’s. Does the genie hold the key to bringing Jillian and Luke together forever?

To My Reader: At a barbecue last year, my parents introduced me to this little delicacy called a “Wickle.” It’s a spicy pickle, and my dad loves them. So I thought it would be fun to take the concept of the Wickle a step further and add a magic ingredient to it—tequila. When a feisty genie samples the creation, she’s willing to grant any wish in exchange for more! And, as it happens, lovelorn Jillian Anderson is in desperate need of a few wishes—or miracles—when it comes to too-hot-to-handle Luke Parsons. I hope you find Jillian and Luke’s romance, helped along by a mischievous genie hopped up on Wickles, a delicious treat!

ISBN: 9781603101363 1603101365 Publication Date: 11/01/2007
One Wish, Calista Fox The Romance Readers Connection says One Wish by Calista Fox is "the one to pick up." "Red Sage publishing and Calista Fox were lucky when they found each other, since they compliment each other so well. I have long enjoyed Ms. Fox’s short stories in the Secrets anthologies....

 ~~~The Romance Readers Connection

Harriet Klausner from Genre Go Round Reviews calls it "an enjoyable short tale." "This is an entertaining fantasy romantic short that works because Jillian, as the prime player holding the story line together, is fully developed. Readers will learn her fears, flaws, and desires especially through her interaction with the genie and with Luke."

~~~Harriet Klausner from Genre Go Round Reviews

One Wish - Calista Fox 

Paranormal erotic romance

Jillian Anderson is a woman without great expectations of life. She's lost most of her family through the years. The one man she's ever wanted completely leaves town after each night he's spent in her bed and she's never known why. The bar she inherited from her Uncle Pete, cleverly renamed the Old Age Saloon, came with a promise from her relative that she'd one day find "eternal bliss" and she's still waiting for that to happen. Each day she works herself into exhaustion and calls it a life. Jillian's string of bad luck in is about to run out and her nights are about to be filled with much more heat than even Sedona, Arizona can produce. All thanks to Luke and one fascinating little genie...

Calista Fox's One Wish is a delightfully sexy read. From the first page, Ms. Fox stirs sympathy for a heroine who'd been through a lot in her life before the story begins. Using great characterization and dialogue, the author weaves a tale that is funny, sensual, and over all too soon. The plot is simple but effective and the ending is charming and uniquely handled. The genie is a wonderful secondary character and when she first appeared on the scene, I was convinced I knew how her character would be used. I was wrong and happy to discover that. I'd like to recommend this charming tale to fans of a good story with steamy sex. Another solid and memorable work from Red Sage. Sensuality rating: Very sensual

~~~ Cameron Foster – THE ROMANCE STUDIO

ONE WISH – Calista Fox

Erotic Contemporary w/ Paranormal Elements

RRTE Rating: Multiple O's

Sedona, Arizona ~ Present Day Jillian has loved Luke since they met as teenagers. Through the years, they have become “fucking buddies” and Luke seems content to keep it that way. Jillian tells herself she likes their arrangement, but deep down, she wishes for more. Well, her wish may soon come true… A magical genie named Sera appears in Jillian’s bar’s storeroom and is grateful for Jillian releasing her from captivity. The genie grants Jillian one wish, and tells her to make it a good one. While Jillian initially doesn’t believe Sera is a genie, she’s soon persuaded, resulting in her fainting in shock. It is Luke to the rescue after Sera calls him to take care of Jillian and boy, does he take his duties to heart. The big question of ONE WISH is whether Jillian’s wish will be for Luke to fall in love with her. Calista Fox provides readers with a cute little story that’s quirky, hot, and delicious. Who wouldn’t want the chance to be granted one wish? Jillian is an engaging character who’s working hard to succeed on her own, but maybe it’s time to get a little help. And I don’t mean from the genie. ;-) Luke, meanwhile, just perhaps may be looking to settle down. Or, so we hope… For a sizzling hot read with a touch of paranormal, grab yourself a copy of ONE WISH. You just may want your own little genie.

~~~Holly Tibbs - Romance Reviews Today Erotic Reviews

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