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Passion Storm - by Liane Gentry Skye
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Category: Fantasy, Paranormal
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook


Five years after his wife’s death, Geo and his autistic son, Blaise, struggle more than ever. Geo takes his boy to the island in hopes happy memories will lure him from catatonia, but the daily care of such a troubled child proves daunting. When Geo wakes alone in a hammock, his deepest fear has been realized. Blaise has wandered off and a hurricane has taken a deadly turn. When Geo notices his son has taken to the sea on a kayak, he storms into the swollen waters. 


When the mermaid Arabeth rescues a land walker and his son, she’s certain Triton has answered her prayers. The unspeakably beautiful man suffers from sexual delirium and his needs are insatiable. Though it hurts to know he’s mistaken her for his dead wife, playing wife and mother is a temptation Arabeth can’t resist.  It’s not like Geo’s heart’s on the line.  When he’s well enough for her to take him and his son home, she will sing them into forgetfulness.  But when the day comes to say goodbye, can she truly relinquish her heart’s desire?


Reader Alert!  When The Mermaid Arabeth Prays To Experience The Erotic Pleasures Before It’s Too Late, She Gets More Than She Bargained For In The Form Of An Insatiable Land Walker Caught In The Throes Of A Sexual Delirium. Who Is She To Let Him Perish From Unsated Need?  Tying Him Up While She Catches Her Breath Seems Like A Good Idea, But Turns Out He’s An Equal Opportunity Bad Boy, And The Object Of His Desire Could Benefit From A Bit Of Discipline.


To My Readers: When I wrote Heart Storm (Secrets, Vol. 27, Untamed pleasures), the unkind fate suffered by Sirenia’s sister, Arabeth, haunted me—she’d lost everything she believed herself destined to receive. If ever a mermaid deserved a Happily ever after, Arabeth did. 


For the longest time, I couldn’t come up with a hero worthy of vanquishing her angst.  Last year, A news story about a father’s waterborne struggle to save his autistic child spoke to my deepest fears as the mother of two boys with autism.  Soon after, geo’s story was born.


As soon as I put Geo and his autistic son in the water, there was arabeth, waiting to love them. By the time my mind stopped playing, i had written a mythic tale about a love that overcame monumental obstacles.  Even better, the sex was scorching, yet intensely emotional—my favorite kind of read!


About the Author: Liane Gentry  Skye is a landlocked mermaid.  Really, she is. What time she doesn’t spend advocating for a better life for her sons, who have autism, she spends dreaming of a time when she can return to the ‘tween waters of Sanibel Island and reclaim her fins. Until then, she’ll indulge her penchant for weaving tales of magic with a brooding edge.

ISBN: 9781603100250 1603100253 Publication Date: 08/2015
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