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Rock My World - by Caitlyn Willows
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Category: Contemporary
Length: Novelette'
MSRP/List Price: $3.99
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Description: Captain Christopher Knowling is a real-life hero, the leader of one of the bravest battle units fighting in Iraq. When he’s seriously injured in a surprise attack, his only conscious thought is of his wife Lydia. As his blood flows into the sand, he vows that he will never make her into a grieving war widow.

No matter the cost.

And when he survives, he knows what the true cost will be. He can’t quit being a Marine. But he can force Lydia to quit being a Marine’s wife.

He loves her too much to stay, and she loves him too much to keep him against his will. It’s a stalemate designed for misery and divorce.

What they need is something to shake them out of their hard-held positions. And they get just that at a divorce mediation session, when a powerful earthquake traps them together, alone, in a cozy little nook under a sturdy conference table. There’s just room enough for their two bodies to wiggle out of their ruts and into a new position together….

To My Readers: I owe the seeds for this story to my friends Adrianna Dane and Trixie Stilletto. Adrianna for the title; Trixie for the earthquake. What better way to bring together a couple torn apart by war than with a little shaker to rock their world.

ISBN: 9781603101523 1603101527 Publication Date: 01/01/2008
Rock My World is one of the most engaging and romantic stories I have ever read....

The romance and passion in Rock My World is second to none. This story is sure to stick with me for a very long time. This is my first time reading Caitlyn Willows, but it definitely will not be my last. She just garnered herself a huge fan!

~~ Manic Readers Reviews

It was heart breaking to listen to the inner thoughts as both Lydia and Chris tried to rationalize what was happening. Their love won out and the sizzle of their loving should have melted the wall that blocked them in – it was that hot. This is a quick, steamy and heartwarming read, one I would definitely recommend.

~~ Simply Romance Reviews

When Captain Christopher Knowling’s unit is attacked in Iraq and he hears the desperate cries of a fellow soldier’s wife as she discovers he’s dead, something clicks in his mind. Vowing to ensure his own beloved wife, Lydia, never goes through such pain, he pushes her away, demanding a divorce. Lydia is heartbroken that the love of her life no longer wants her. Yes, she knew the stint in Iraq could change him, but she had no clue it would destroy their love.

Well, he can have his divorce, she’s not going to hold him where he doesn’t want to be, but she’ll be darned if she accepts the spousal support he wants to give her. And so they end up closeted in an office, waiting for the mediator who will try to sort out the mess of their divorce. But when an earthquake strikes and endangers both their lives, the scales over Christopher’s eyes will disappear and he’ll realize this divorce is a horrible idea. Passion, regret, and love will come alive under a conference table in California, but is it too late for this couple?

The author manages to pack a whole lot of story into a very small number of pages in ROCK MY WORLD, making this a tale with surprising emotional depth.

~~ Lori Ann - Romance Reviews Today Erotic

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