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Secrets Volume 22 • Dark Whispers - by Rachel Carrington, Elisa Adams, Calista Fox, Ellie Marvel
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Category: Trade Paperback, Anthology, Action and Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal and Occult
Length: Epic Novel
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
Our Cover Price: $5.50
Available Format: Trade Paperback  &  eBook  
Description: Rachel Carrington –  Breathless
Lark Hogan is a martial arts expert who has been trained to handle almost anything, except for the death of her sister at the hands of a madman. Seeking vengeance, Lark sets out to stop him, but though endowed with special gifts, she knows she can’t do it without help.
Zac is a mystery and a dangerous ally for Lark. He is a mercenary, an independent wizard who lives life only for himself, loving no one. The last thing he wants to do is help this sexy, lethal woman who confronts him, even if she knows what he is.
Confronting a common enemy, Lark and Zac battle their own demons as well as their own powerful attraction, and when sex gives way to love, this couple will fight to the death to protect what they’ve found.

To My Readers: I’ve always been fascinated by wizards, but for the longest time, they’d always been decent and upstanding. No roguery allowed… until Zac. When I got the idea for this storyline, I knew the heroine would have to be someone who could match a rogue wizard in both skills and wit. Lark is exactly who and what Zac needs. I hope you feel the same after reading Breathless.

Ellie Marvel  – Heat
What's a mild-mannered alien guy to do when he goes into heat far from his home, and the only compatible female around is a rough and tumble Terran mining specialist who's a friend of his but not one to hop into bed with anybody, much less him? Answer: he courts her. The old-fashioned Terran way, at least insofar as his research about the backwater planet can determine. Because if Tarkin can't seduce the tomboyish Sarai before his cycle ends, he won't get a second chance at love.

To My Readers: I love me some nice guy! I also love to turn romance staples on their heads, shake them up like pennies in a pig, and see what falls out. In Heat,the romance staple I’ve twisted is “mating lust” and what has fallen out
is… Tarkin. I hope you enjoy reading about Tarkin and Sarai as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Calista Fox – Midnight Rendezvous
From New York to Cabo to Paris to Tokyo, Cat Hewitt and David Essex share decadent midnight rendezvous’. But when the real world presses in on their erotic fantasies, and Cat's life is in danger, will their whirlwind romance stand a chance?

To My Readers: I’m an adventurer at heart, so I enjoy creating characters with the same passion for life and excitement of the unknown. And what’s more exciting
than having a gorgeous man whisk you away to exotic locales for romantic,decadent midnight rendezvous?

For Cat Hewitt, all of her wildest dreams are about to come true…

As always, my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Alex and Cindy,my publisher and editor. And to Mary J. Leader, a dear friend and mentor who inspired the topic of CVD in this book, and the importance of heightening awareness of this disease, especially with women. And to Dr. Maguire for his insight in this area.

Elisa Adams – Birthday Wish
Turning thirty shouldn’t be a big deal, but for Anna Kelly, it marks a deadline she’s about to miss. Her list of goals she wanted to accomplish before hitting that magic number is almost complete—except for one thing. She’s always wanted to spend one night with sexy Dean Harrison. When Dean asks her what she wants for her birthday, she grabs the opportunity to ask him for an experience she’ll never forget.

To My Readers: Have you ever had something you’ve always wanted to do, but have never had the courage to follow through with it? Anna has wanted Dean for a long time, but she’s never told him. When he asks her what she wants for her birthday—and tells her she can have anything—she knows it’s not an opportunity she can pass up. Birthday Wish is about what happens when one woman has the courage to go after her fantasies.


ISBN: 9781603100021 1603100024 Publication Date: 12/01/2007

"Heat" by Ellie Marvel. The Gitternian alien Tarkin enjoys spending time with Terran Sarai until he goes into heat without a Gitter female near so he decides his earthly companion will more than do.
"Breathless" by Rachel Carrington. Lark knows she cannot defeat the monster Diaz who enjoys tormenting his victims. She needs the help of roguish avariciouse wizard Zac to destroy the beast who killed her younger sister Shanae.
"Midnight Rendezvous” by Calista Fox. Three years ago at the Plaza Cat and David shared what should have been the greatest romantic night of their respective lives as the attraction was incredible that her father sensed it; the evening instead proved unromantic as she ended up with a catering disaster instead of him. Now she has a second chance with the man she still lusts over.
"Birthday Wish" by Elisa Adams. Dean asks Anna what she wants for her birthday as she will get her anything she wishes for. She hesitates but he teases her to tell him her fantasy wish. She tells him a weekend with him.
The heat is on when Secrets releases its latest erotic romantic anthology. The four enjoyable novellas run the gamut of sub-genres, but share in common strong characters leaving the audience breathless.
~~Harriet Klausner

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments
     In HEAT, When Tarkin comes into his cycle far from home, he looks to his close friend Sarai to help him out. So he sets about wooing her in the old custom of her people for ten days. When the right time comes he is hoping that she won’t deny either of them. For if he can’t mate with Sarai, he won’t get a chance to ever try with anyone else.
     In BREATHLESS, Lark Hogan was sent on a mission by her father to find the one known as the Wolfe. Only he could help her defeat Diaz, the sorcerer that killed her sister. But Wolfe is more than she ever imagined and his price for help may be too high. Her body for his help may lead them both down a path that neither is ready for. But can two fierce fighters ever find happily ever after in love with each other?
     In MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS, Cat Hewitt has a second chance encounter with David Essex at a dating club in New York called Rendezvous. Is there such a thing as love at first site? From that moment on she agrees to meet him in several different places, Paris and San Francisco for example, and they spend several wonderful months living the ultimate fantasy life. But what happens when reality collides? And what happens when someone else wants Cat enough to kidnap her?
     In BIRTHDAY WISH, Anna Kelly takes a chance when her former childhood friend, Dean Harrison, asks her what she would wish for on her birthday if she could have anything that she wanted. Easy decision for her. One incredible weekend with Dean. And Dean is more than willing to give it to her. But can one weekend open up doors and possibilities that neither of them planned?
     SECRETS VOLUME 22: DARK WHISPERS is a great continuation of this series of anthologies. Although I struggled to get through the first story the final three were more than worth the effort. This is a group of stories that portray the strong independent woman beautifully. BREATHLESS by Ms. Carrington was one of the best paranormals that I have read in a long time and I sincerely hope that there are more from her to find. I have enjoyed several of Ms. Fox’s stories and MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS was no exception. But BIRTHDAY WISH by Ms. Adams was by far the best story in the anthology for me. The sexual chemistry between characters was erotic and captivating. The lust pulled you in, but it was the development of deeper emotions that kept you there, eagerly turning the pages to see what was next. Red Sage Publishing definitely has a winner with the SECRETS anthologies. Each new volume offers something for everyone and this reader is rarely disappointed. So believe me when I say that you can’t fail with any of these exciting volumes!
~~Debbie H., review found at ENCAHNTING REVIEWS

This SECRETS anthology once again combines excellent stories from varied genres. They are all well-written and passionate. Each story is filled with nicely drawn characters and settings. All four tales are winners, so highlights will be particular to each reader’s taste. For a sampling of erotic fiction, these are first rate.
Fulfill your fantasies and steam up your evenings with SECRETS, Volume 22.

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