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Red Sage has always told authors to write what they love to write. It doesn’t matter if the story is historical, science fiction, comedy, or any other sub-genre. If the author is writing what they love, it shows in the writing and the emotions come through. The stories are funnier, sexier, scarier, etc., when the author has the emotional investment in doing what they love. This is where the great, out-of-the-box stories come from, because the authors are both free and engaged.

Authors sometimes ask, "What are you looking for?" We always tell them to write what you write best and love most. We have never said we need so many vampire stories or so many historical because a great story is a great story. Don’t ever write a story for us just because you heard we were looking for a certain type of story, because we are always looking for your brilliant, beautiful, emotional best fiction where your characters are wonderful, the plot is unique and interesting, and the quality of writing is high. All these together make for a fabulous story.

As Red Sage’s first authors created erotic romance, this is where our heart is, so we want romance stories, which are erotic. Therefore a majority of what we publish will be romance and erotica. We also feel readers want variety. Sometimes you like erotic and sometimes you just want a great mystery or science fiction story or even something else. Surprise us and come up with something completely different!

Genre and sub-genre is unimportant, as long as the writing quality is strong and both the romantic and sensual elements are appropriate for what we publish.

Story Length - 25,000 to 55,000 and 55,000 to 100,000 words

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