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The Star Necklace - by Carly Carson
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Category: Action & Adventure, Fairy Tale & Mythology, Science Fiction
Length: Novel Class
MSRP/List Price: $6.00
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Ronan Macaulester is a galaxy-roving warrior fleeing an unfriendly planet where he has just avenged his brother's death. He stumbles upon a strange custom in which Galatea Riesling's virginity is being auctioned on the eve of her wedding. He is determined to save her, and her countrymen are determined to thwart him at any cost. When he is mortally wounded, Galatea must engineer an escape, while they are pursued by the Temple elders. She leads him on a danger-filled flight across the planet, searching for both medical and technological miracles to save her warrior. All the while, she knows he must leave if his life is to be saved, and she must stay behind to honor the demands imposed on her by the gift of the Star Necklace.

To My Reader: I wanted to write a hero who was both tough and tender. A hero who would “challenge” the other men on their mistreatment of women. The hero had to have a touch of vulnerability so he’s a stranger in a strange land. And of course, he had to be totally smitten with the heroine, otherwise, how much fun would it be?

I believe a tough hero needs a strong heroine, so I wanted Lata to have a big role in solving their problems. So she’s smart and courageous and a leader. She needed to have a natural reason to travel with the hero, so she’s a healer.


ISBN: 9781603105095 1603105093 Publication Date: 08/2010


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Title: The Star Necklace
Author: Carly Carson
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing, Inc. 
Genre: Futuristic/Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure, Fantasy
Publication date: August 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60310-509-5
Pages: 175
Series: N/A
Reviewer: Merrylee


Heat Level:   M/F – oral sex, masturbation

You’re a long way from home, Otherlander,” Sheckel hissed.

Good thing I have a long reach,” Ronan answered softly as he flexed

his hand on the hilt of his knife.

After exacting justice against the men who'd murdered his brother Wren on the backwater planet of Ares, all Ronan Macaulester wants to do now is make it back to the coastal city of Pernn in time to catch the inter-galactic shuttle home to Maxxon. But when he comes upon a group of men accosting a beautiful young woman along the roadside, his principles will not let him pass by without rescuing her. What he doesn't plan on is getting caught up in a religious rite dictating that Galatea be auctioned off the night before her wedding to a man who will take her virginity before turning her over to her husband-to-be. As attracted as Ronan is to Galatea, he's not about to the let Sheckel, the temple high priest, win the bidding on her just so he can abuse her anymore than he's willing to take her virginity himself and then turn his back on her. After all, he'd been raised better than that.

A healer and the daughter of a temple priest, Galatea Riesling wears the Star Necklace. As the wearer, it's her duty to further the living standards of her people. What she really wants is to bring respect to the lives of Arean women. She didn't believe in the backward barbarism of Arean men and the heinous acts they perpetrated against their women in the name of religion anymore than she believed all the women of Maxxon belonged at home raising children if they wanted careers. As much as she enjoys the chivalrous integrity that leads Ronan to outbid Sheckel for her, she cannot leave the planet and she knows Ronan's life is forfeit if he stays.

Gravely wounded from Tazzrak fire, Ronan is forced to accept Galatea's help as they set out on the dangerous journey to Pernn, the temple guard hot on their trail. When she finally breaks through his defenses and they come together in blazing hot passion, Ronan realizes he wants much more with Galatea than just one night. The question is, does he have a future of nights to devote to her? No man has ever recovered from a Tazzrak wound. Unless a miracle happens, Ronan knew with all the certainty of a man taking his final breath that he was dying.

I loved parts of The Star Necklace by Carly Carson. When it was hitting on all cylinders, I was so engrossed in this story I couldn't put it down, but there were instances when jumps in time between events jarred me enough to remove me from the story and plunk me back down in my own reality. Ms. Carson also made the mistake of purloining iconic names from Star Trek (ferengi) and Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern novels (though she spells it Pernn). She probably should have been a bit more original in these two cases. And then there's the introduction of emus as mounts. Although a novel approach to transportation, I just couldn't picture those ugly, ungainly, and tempermental birds taking the place of horses. Sorry.

That said, Ms. Carson excels in her character development. Galatea and Ronan are a compelling couple, perfect for each other in every way. The way Ms. Carson developed and wove their love for each other is brilliant, because in the end, it's what keeps them both alive. You can't help but admire and respect Galatea. Though she possesses a virgin's naiveté, she is so strong and devoted to both Ronan and her people that she finds a way to be there for both without being pulled apart by these opposing forces in the process. As for Ronan, simply put, I fell in lust with him on page one. Ronan is a fierce warrior, yet gentle in his handling of the virgin Galatea. A man of principle, he's more protective of her virginity than she is. Once they finally go about ridding her of it, the physical part of their relationship is powerful and passionate. Yet, it's written with such sweet sensuality, it immediately sweeps the reader up in its intensity.

Although Ms. Carson hasn't announced any plans for sequels to The Star Necklace, I was happy to see that she left some dangling teasers that could easily lead to sequels for spaceship entrepreneur Lucas Mooradian, and Ronan's brother Wrex. Yes, I believe he's still alive!



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