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Trefoil - by Em Petrova
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Category: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Immortal Series
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $7.00
Our Cover Price: $4.99
Available Format: eBook  

When the husband Lillian LeClair has been bound to since World War II takes her on vacation which turns out to be a tour of cemeteries; she is bombarded by glimpses into a mysterious man’s soul as well as memories of her life as a mortal. Once she realizes this mystery man is tracking her, she is frantic to escape. But the phenomenon known as the Calling has her in its grip and Lillian is aboard the runaway train which will inevitably link them. 

Famous and centuries-old sculptor Nathan Halbrook is on the receiving end of Lillian’s Call, and is tormented to discover the woman he’s waited years for is the wife of another man. As Nathan and Lillian come face to face, they find themselves embroiled in the puzzling events surrounding Lillian's delivery into immortal life. While the holes of her memory are plugged, a sacrifice is made to keep Lillian Walking and in the arms of her immortal mate.

To My Reader:  Some writers begin with characters and create conflict for them. The trio of main characters in Trefoil came at me backwards, as the ending unfolded to me first. I wrote the ending scene, and as I was writing, other scenes flashed through my mind. At the time, I didn’t yet have a computer, so the entire novel was written longhand on spiral notebooks. Thirteen in all, and in this case, I consider thirteen to be a lucky number. Trefoil was actually the first book I wrote after a long stint of writer’s block following our first child’s death, and at the moment of inspiration, I just knew I had to bring these characters to life. Writing had never been more than a hobby to me, but with the birth of these characters, a new passion rose inside me, fueling a drive to be published and share these stories with readers.

While writing Trefoil, I fell in love with a secondary character, Will Cochran, who told me his story of the phenomenon known as The Calling, which links immortals to their mates. So the first book of the Immortal Series—Runes—was written second. Speaking in terms of time, Trefoil fits between scenes of Runes.

Every character in the Immortal Series speaks deeply to me, and I can’t wait to reveal more of their stories. However, as the first book I wrote after a seven-year dry spell, Trefoil will always hold a special place in my heart.

ISBN: 9781603106283 1603106286 Publication Date: 04/2011
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