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Wicked Illusion - by Bethany Michaels
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Category: Contemporary, Paranormal & Occult
Length: Novel Class
MSRP/List Price: $6.00
Our Cover Price: $4.00
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Rookie PI Erin McKay is thrilled to land her first big assignment digging up dirt on Las Vegas’ sexiest and most illustrious headliner. But when Erin discovers more about the mysterious illusionist than she could ever imagine and becomes a captive in his luxury suite high above the Las Vegas strip, the one thing she can’t give is the only thing that can free her.


Jeremiah Black’s 150 year sentence on Earth is almost up and he’s not about to let one nosy little human keep him chained for eternity even if her strawberry scent and alluring taste set his body on fire. There’s only one way to free them both from the bond neither of them wants, but just as Jeremiah is poised to sever the ties that bind him to the woman who makes him feel more human than ever before, he finds that nothing is what it seems and maybe forever with Erin isn’t nearly enough.


To My Reader:

I've always enjoyed reading about heroes with a bit of edge to them. Up to now, I’ve given my heroines mostly nice guys to fall in love with, but when Jeremiah  Black charged into my story, I knew this was my chance to write a darker hero. Jeremiah is an immortal who relishes his immortality and all the freedom and power it brings. He’s a little bit arrogant, a little bit stubborn and a whole lotta sexy. But underneath his tough, bad-boy exterior lurks a heart capable of loving a heroine strong enough and brave enough to hold her own. I hope you enjoy watching this strong, stubborn pair fight their own demons as well as each other on the way to an everlasting love.

ISBN: 9781603105149 160310514X Publication Date: 07/2010


Wicked Illusions by Bethany Michaels

Title: Wicked Illusion
Author: Bethany Michaels
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Reviewer: L.T. Blue
Rating: 4 Stars !!StarFull.gif
Heat Level: S

Erin McKay needs to get the dirt on Jeremiah Black to keep the bills paid as she gets started on her new PI business. Erin never dreamed that she would be stuck in the wardrobe while Jeremiah literally banged some groupie over a steamer trunk. Jeremiah is the biggest illusionist draw in Vegas in years, and he goes through women like underwear. Jeremiah does have his secrets, but no one seems to remember much about him or how his illusions are performed. Erin is one step closer to finding out everything she needs to know. She just has to make sure she doesn't succumb to Jeremiah's charm.

Wicked Illusion is a nice romantic read with not much sexual heat. When we begin reading the story we do catch Jeremiah in the act, but it is so clinical that we start to get a clue that there is something different about Jeremiah. Erin's character is very entertaining, even when we get glimpses of her abusive past. Erin's life experiences allow her to think with her brain when her libido is telling her to give in for that ultimate pleasure. There is plenty of sexual chemistry between Jeremiah and Erin especially when Jeremiah turns up the charm. The storyline continued at a great pace and kept me entertained from start to the end. The story doesn't have many secondary characters which is great, because we focus so much on Jeremiah and Erin. I loved the life lessons that Erin was able to teach Jeremiah.

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