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Three Lovers For Lucy - by S. K. Yule
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Category: Ménage à trios', Women’s Fiction
Length: Novella  
MSRP/List Price: $5.49
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Lucy Levegne is a woman in a society that still wants to oppress her freedom to make her own decisions. When a plan devised to ensure her independence backfires in the form of three notorious rakes appropriately labeled The Trio of Trouble, she is suddenly facing a different problem that has the potential to ruin her.
Kendall, Jeremy and Paul have been friends since they were young, and their carousing, carefree days are starting to bore them until they make a crude bet involving the beautiful Lucy Levegne. What none of them count on is falling in love with her.
After the four share a scintillatingly scandalous night together, Lucy is shocked to realize that she’s fallen in love. . .with all of them. Unfortunately, she has no choice but to end the liaison to protect her reputation, but her three rogues vow to find a way for them to be together. Will Lucy and her men be separated forever?


To My Readers:
In Three Lovers For Lucy, I found myself instantly bonding with Lucy. She is a strong woman who knows what she wants in a time when women still suffer oppression. When she finds herself in a precarious, albeit sensual, situation with three men, she is torn between upholding her reputation or surrendering to her feelings.

While my three heroes, Paul, Jeremy and Kendall, live in a man’s world and can practically do anything they want without ridicule, they never lose compassion for others, even those considered beneath them. When the three fall in love with Lucy, they do everything in their power to protect her from society’s condemnation. 

I was compelled to write this story to show that while love may not conquer all, those who are fortunate enough to be infected—Yes, I do mean infected as I think of love as an incurable but wondrous disease—
by it will go to great lengths to hang on to it. I feel that Three Lovers For Lucy shows that love can humble even those who have been privileged in life. Love is powerful and does not discriminate. It can affect anyone, anytime, anywhere.

ISBN: 9781603106788 1603106782 Publication Date: 08/2011
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