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Just Released: The Atlantean Birthright by Toya Richardson

by admin


Freya Anders is ready to kill Dieter Yong and nothing is going to stop her, because ten years ago he callously murdered her parents. She is immortal; a descendant from Atlantis with precious gifts. It was her powers the Atlanteans were after that fateful night.

Allowing her grief and rage to consume her, she falls into a trap set by Dieter. When sexy, charismatic, Armand De Silva comes to her rescue, she is livid. Is her fury because Dieter survived, or because of the way she’s drawn to this stunning Atlantean?

When their slow-burning desire for each other reaches boiling point, they must decide whether they have the strength to deal with their emotions and trust again. As Dieter launches his plan for revenge, can Freya find the courage to rescue Armand from certain death?

Reader Alert! When they make love, it is totally and utterly mind-blowing.

 To My Readers:

HI, being and avid reader myself I know how important it is to get the balance right, with a fast-paced thrill element as well as a slow build-up of sexual tension, climaxing in an explosive physical relationship. I’ve always written how I like to read, and I hope it’s what you’ll love too. So please, come and take a walk on the wild side with Freya and Armand and see where their journey takes them.

 About the Author:

I am, first and foremost, a bookworm who just happens to love writing stories too. Like all of us readers, I need to make a connection with my characters and become immersed in their story, as though you’re there with them through all their traumas and their good times. A good book to me is all about escapism and I can’t think of anything better than to think other readers can immerse themselves in what I’ve written and become involved with my characters.

Read more about this book and the others coming in the series here.

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