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Just Released: Your World’s Captive by Vanessa Vanderbilt

by admin

I am so excited to share the world of Creshura with you as well as introduce the characters that I am wholly in love with. While writing this book I went through a surge of emotion with Erick and Nobi. I would type with butterflies in my stomach wondering where the characters would go, what twist of fate would keep them apart or push them together. They kept me on my toes through the entire process.

Adopted into her royal status, Nobi is not your typical princess. She is of mixed heritage in a world where that is forbidden, a myth to many, kept secluded within the gates of her mystical people. Others’ thoughts, often cruel, bombard her, causing her not to trust her own mind. Nobi can also interpret meaning from the wind.

Nobi despises the men of Rowan, believing one of them raped her mother resulting in her birth. Yet she is promised to Lord Erick, the future Ruler of Rowan, to ensure the safety of her people. Drugged to compliance, Nobi walks down the aisle and into a new world.

Erick is a powerful and handsome young warrior, chosen to take over his father’s place of power. Reluctant to take a bride, he agrees to the unprecedented arrangement to forge a new era. When he lifts his bride’s veil he sees she is no other than the exotic mythical beauty he’d spied a year ago by the river. He soon learns his wife’s uniqueness extends far beyond her appearance.

The passionate dance of resistance between the Princess and the Lord is penetrated by the danger that looms within the city of Rowan. Will accepting her husband’s love be the answer to controlling her gifts, and saving her people?

I chose to write in a fantasy world so I could keep the style of the historicals I love so much, but not be confined within the rules of a certain era. And then the fun began. I explored Creshura as I wrote, drew a map of its countries and determined how those locations would affect crops, instruments, clothing, and the people themselves.  There is so much more to be revealed beyond this book!

I hope you love Your World’s Captive as much as I do.


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