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Just Released: Battling the Demons by Toya Richardson

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Battling the Demons deals with the mental demons associated with abuse. It shows how some of the characters come to terms with their experiences and how they learn to cope and move on with their lives and not being a victim anymore. The main love story shows how Verity allows her centuries of nightmares and distrust of men to no longer prevent her chances of happiness. She learns how making love can be a beautiful experience and not one associated with pain and violence.

It should hint at what is in store later on in the series and how all that is happening is shaping their future as a people. How the home planet of Atlantis is now beginning to intervene and watch both factions of their people living on Earth. And how their actions in the coming years will determine which faction will be allowed to live, while the other is put to death.

Want to read more? Pick up your copy today.

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