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Just Released: ENIGMA by Vanessa Liebe

by admin

Mark and Lucy Fuller are about to be unleashed on the public and share their deliciously sensual sexual fantasies with you. Come and discover how they realize that there is a completely new side to their ten year marriage – something that they have never discussed, or a desire to try out before now.

Join them as they find Enigma, a club that caters for sexual fantasies and helps couples to enact them. Enjoy each of their fun and wild scenarios as they play at being gentry, a kiss-a-gram, a teacher, voyeurs etc. And come and kidnap Mark with Lucy. What does she have planned for him?

 ~ * ~


ISBN – 9781603100434


PURCHASE –  $3.25


Enigma, a contemporary erotic romance novel, tells the story of Mark and Lucy Fuller, who believe they are happily married until a conversation with best friend, Jody leaves Lucy wondering whether there is a whole new side to their marriage that they are missing out on and that is their sexual fantasies. Intrigued by a club called Enigma that Jody has mentioned, Lucy visits the proprietor, Sarah Montgomery, a lady who likes a sexy naked man to bring her daily cup of tea, and they discuss how her and Mark’s fantasies could be beneficial to their marriage if they were to indulge in them.


Reader Alert! Mark had no idea being kidnapped by his wife could be so arousing or that she could spank so well. Caution! When you read about Mark and Lucy’s sexual fantasies you may need that cold shower. Join them on a wet, wild and deliciously sensual ride and dare to wonder about your own.


To my readers: I would like you to be as excited about Mark and Lucy as I am. They show us that the sexual side of a relationship doesn’t have to fizzle out after having children and working. If you are honest about your desires with each other it can create a more loving marriage and rekindle the passion. I wanted Mark and Lucy to explore their fantasies and make them fun as well as sexually fulfilling. I certainly enjoyed writing about them, especially the kidnap scenario so I hope you find their story compelling. Who knows, maybe they will inspire you to try your own delicious scenarios? And if we had the household budget I’m sure we’d all love a naked Adonis bring us our drinks.


About the author: Vanessa Liebe has a degree in German and lives in Hampshire, South East England, with her husband and three children. When not helping her husband run his business or bringing up her family she tries to create addictive love stories with powerful characters. She has written in secret for many years and is finally finding the courage to unleash her creativity with her first novel, Enigma.

Vanessa enjoys time with her family, walking her two rescue dogs and drinking a glass of rose in the sunshine.




“I’m just going to have a shower,” Mark says.

I can’t help admiring my husband’s firm backside and muscular back as he gets out of bed and walks toward our bathroom.

“You can join me if you like,” he throws over his shoulder, and I know that’s an invitation to scrub his back, or another firm part of his impressive body, even after the great sex we’ve just had.

“I might do,” I tell him. “Seeing as the kids aren’t due back yet from your parents’.”

It won’t hurt to let him wait for me though, and I watch him disappear into the bathroom and hear the shower start before I stretch lazily and smile. We still have a good sex life even after ten years of marriage and having the kids. We both aren’t doing badly in the looks department either. Everything is still firm and where it should be. Well, fairly firm, I acknowledge truthfully to myself while cupping my breasts and looking at them.

“Not bad for thirty-six.” No need for enhancements just yet.

I sit up and shake out my long blond hair, before getting out of bed and slowly following Mark into our en-suite bathroom. That time without the three kids really should be made the most of and I know just how to.

Mark is already in the shower, eyes closed and face lifted to the powerful spray. God, I love this man. I could look at him all day, and he’s all mine. I feel a small thrill knowing that, but we’ve sure had our moments.

I open the glass door and step in behind him, then press up against him and my right hand reaches around to grip his cock firmly.

“We have a full half hour before the kids are back, Mr. Fuller, and I intend to use you mercilessly in that time.” My voice comes out husky as I begin to stroke his cock and caress his firm chest with my free hand.

Mark laughs.

“Insatiable, minx!” But he grabs my hands, spins me around so that I’m against the tiled wall and holds my hands above my head. “However, I do believe that it’s my turn to be in control, Mrs. Fuller.”

And he proceeds to show me how delicious it is to be under his control, especially with that wicked tongue of his.


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