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Just Released! Secret Desires by Nora Quick

by admin

A note from the author:

Secret Desires has arrived! The thrilling tale of Shannon Moreau, who discovers family secrets, mystery, danger, and the erotic of thrill of not one but two southern boys will captivate you. I wrote this book with the advice of a real Cajun girl to capture a portrait of a little-known slice of Americana. The bayou is full of intriguing men, slow southern nights, and the real danger of organized crime and drugs.

 I hope you enjoy the complex mystery as Shannon searches for her missing cousin. Keeping up with her are Aiden and Nick, two ghosts of her past who are a sensual threat to her very ordered existence. By the time the trio hit New Orleans I hope you too, just like Shannon, will know it is impossible to pick a favorite. And why should she have to?

~ * ~

Category: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Suspense, Thriller

Warning: This story does contain subject matter that may offend readers: Menage a Trois.

Shannon Moreau is called back to her home town of Belle Trouver, LA when her cousin goes missing along with the mayor and town treasury. When she left the night of high school graduation she walked out on her boyfriend Aiden LeBeau and his best friend Nick Roche when they offered her forbidden temptation; a threesome.

Aiden, the town golden boy, is now a determined FBI agent who helped bring down the Piemente crime family, still hunting the missing don and the Belladonna Killer, a serial killer the Piementes used to control the bayou drug trade. Suzie’s disappearance is linked to his case, and he persuades Shannon to join forces with him and Nick, the former bad boy now parish sheriff tasked with finding Suzie.

As Shannon succumbs to their exotic brand of pleasure, more than old feelings turn up: at every turn danger stalks the trio as family secrets and shocking revelations come to light. As Shannon races to save Suzie’s life, can love take root in the heat of passion?

Reader Alert! Shannon never expected to be so easily seduced by sultry southern nights and hot southern boys. Warning! When you read Shannon’s adventure you might just find yourself heading towards New Orleans to find men as scorching as Aiden and Nick!

To My Readers:

I’m a northern girl who’s been lucky enough to know some southern gentlemen. What’s not to love about hot nights, slow drawls, and the best food in the U.S.? I wanted to share some of the wonders you can only find in the south set in a mysterious adventure anyone of us could find herself in. Come with me to Louisiana where minds are sharp, talk is slow, and sensuality fills the air.

About the Author:  I am a reader first and foremost, and like most readers I can’t keep my love to just one genre. As a writer I can’t do the same. All the adventures of worlds real and imagined call to me, and if there’s a strong woman leading the charge I’m in for the ride! I’ve been writing since I was twelve, back in the days before Naomi Wolf breathed fresh air into feminism, before Joss Whedon brought us women who could kick butts and take names, and I am amazed at how much the world has changed for the better since! One thing has always been my central love of writing: a woman who can fight her own battles, and whose only Achilles’ heel is the man (or men) who can keep up with her.

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