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Just Released: HEARTHSTONE ALPHA by AC Melody @AuthorACMelody

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Who doesn’t love a good paranormal story about wolves?  I know, I do!  That’s why I really wanted to make my wolves stand out from the other packs and I hope I accomplished that by delving into the oldest wolf legend I could find: Odin’s Wolves.  Oh, yeah, did I say love wolves?  How about loving Viking wolves? That’s even better!  Beyond their mystical lineage, though, what I was the most interested in exploring was the inner workings of a wolf pack.  I wanted to show the family connections, the weight of the Alpha’s responsibilities to his packmates and how he handled the inevitable upheavals that arise in any family dynamic – but that being in the ultimate position of authority makes both easier and more delicate.  I really enjoyed writing the humorous banter between my main character and her best friend, just as much as I enjoyed her steamy, sexy moments with her Alpha.  I think the combination is a more thoroughly balanced experience and I really hope the readers have a lot of fun with it, too!

I did a lot a research for Hearthstone Alpha, because I wanted it to be so unique.  When I started looking into Wolf legends, it didn’t take me very long to get to the infamous Frenrir, and Geri and Freki from Norse Mythology, my ideas just soared from there.  I also really wanted to highlight what happens inside of the pack’s home lives, like arguments, family fun, things that aren’t always revealed in wolf novels.  I researched the dynamics of real wolves, their behavior, their relationships and tried to bring those natural qualities to life in my characters.  They’re not werewolves in the traditional sense, they’re more like their wild counterparts, who are extremely compassionate, loyal creatures that use a lot of body language to communicate.  I also wanted to stay well away from the cliches of them being ruled by the full moon and bloodthirsty.  There’s no struggle for the Alpha spot, that’s already claimed and no one else can have it by fighting.  It’s a gene and you’re either born with it or you’re not. It’s not always determined by bloodline, either.

Another matter I touched on was the reason why Corbyn comes across so bossy.  I didn’t want it to be in his character to hide behind the excuse of being the Alpha male and Reyna certainly wasn’t going to just let him chalk it up to that, either, so I did dive into that and shed a little more light on the very valid reasons behind his ‘control issues.’  The book also introduces some other off-the-wall surpernatural beings that I hope makes it stand out even more, some from Norse Mythology and some from Greek, like the Winds and Aeolus from Homer’s “The Oddyssey.”  I’m not planning on staying inside of the lines too much with this series!

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ISBN – 781603100571; 1603100571
Purchase –  $4.25
He’s everything they made her promise never to find…


All Reyna Daniels needs to do is pull off the Black Plate Event in Minneapolis to secure her return home from Chicago.  The last thing she needs is find her world completely inundated by the magnetizing, hostile Corbyn Bruschard and his group of male-model friends.  Yet they’re not only sitting at her brother’s table, already a part of his family, they’re connected to everyone she knows in Minnesota, including her own boss!

Corbyn’s not ashamed of being everywhere, since it’s his territory, and he’s certainly not going to apologize for trying to keep Reyna safe. Especially when she’s his mate!  Unfortunately, his beautiful Valkyrie of a woman is in complete denial over her true nature, a common and sorrowful result of the bloody war that had nearly wiped their entire race out of existence merely three decades before.

With increasing signs of that enemy and others rising anew, Corbyn knows that Reyna’s going to need a crash course in her dormant, ancient Norse heritage.

Reyna might be able to come to terms with being a descendant of Odin’s Wolves, but she may never be able to accept being mated to an Alpha who threatens all of her hard-earned independence.


“Why would you even work for someone who can never remember your damn name?”

Freezing, Reyna’s eyes bulged.  Air gushing from her lungs.  He couldn’t possibly be serious?!  Utterly gobsmacked, she whirled on him.  He looked… there were no words.  As Corbyn strode up the sidewalk toward her, she was reminded of the fluid grace of a hunter.  An assassin in a three-thousand dollar tuxedo.  His jacket open, bow tie and the top button of his shirt undone, his hands shoved into the pockets of his slacks.  His hair was twice as messy as before, as if he’d attempted to pull it out of his scalp.  He didn’t even blink at the people he passed.  The people who gaped at him like he was unreal.  Was he?  Reyna wondered.  Or was he just a figment of her neglected imagination?  She suddenly felt like Goldilocks facing down the Big Bad Wolf, his eyes glinting silver in the semi-darkness, his body a promise of the forbidden passions that taunted people from the shadows of their wildest fantasies.

Oh, but what a horribly apt description that was.  Reyna swallowed hard.

Stopping two feet away, he peered down at her.  “Well?” He barked.

“It’s none of your business!” Reyna answered, flabbergasted.  “Why are you here?”

Corbyn’s expression simply fell.  All of the agitation and darkness abandoning him in the snap of a finger.

“It’s all wrong,” he said so quietly, Reyna was surprised she’d been able to hear him.  “I wasn’t expecting you.  Not now, not then.  I can’t think when I’m near you, but can’t think of anything else when I’m not!  I don’t know how to deal with it.”

Oh, GodOh, fucking GodShut upSomeone shut him up!

“Don’t,” Reyna managed, her heart beating too fast, her breathing erratic.  “Don’t deal with it, Corbyn, just… please, go away.”

“I can’t,” he confessed, his eyes darkening before he pulled whatever emotions back under control.  “Besides, I needed to know you made it back to your hotel safely, and I think it’s kind of funny that you actually thought you could just leave without me noticing.  I already told you, Reyna, I always know where you are.”

Her mind was going to crack.  Suddenly she felt like laughing hysterically until she passed out.  What had he done?  Run the whole way there?

“Has anyone ever accused you of being a stalker?”

“You’re the first,” he answered.

“Couldn’t you just have Shayd hack the traffic cams then, stalker?” She asked.

A cocky grin curved part of his lips and it was far more damaging to Reyna’s system than anything else.

“I could have,” he answered.  “But then, I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

Before Reyna could even register that he’d moved, Corbyn was right before her.  His hand cupped the side of her face, his thumb caressing her bottom lip.  He watched his own assault, mesmerized.

“You have to know what this is, Reyna,” he pleaded softly, searching her eyes, her face, his thumb pulling her lip downward in the center.  “Please tell me you know what this is.”


Though born in the hometown of the Brothers Grimm, A.C. Melody has called the beautifully green Pacific Northwest home for most of her life.  Stemming from a family of artists and musicians, she loves everything creative and has often been accused of spending too much time daydreaming.  A unrepentant javaholic, she loves all genres of music, catnaps and gardening, but most of all being mom to her two rowdy boys.  Whether she’s attending football games or raiding tombs on her PS3, you can rest assure there is a character or two nagging at her to return to her laptop asap!


Twitter: @AuthorACMelody


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