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Just Released: Fallen Giant by Monica Owens

by admin

The war the fallen angels are fighting is an uphill battle. The worst that can be done to us by our enemies is only scratching the surface of what we can do to each other. Leviathan is after a killer, one who enjoys his hobby immensely. Come meet Leviathan as he tries to find a murderer and keep Detective Trish Redding alive!

Each book is stand alone, however, reading them in order weaves together a world where good is trying to triumph over the most sordid evil…


Detective Trish Redding is investigating heinous murders out in Death Valley. Unfortunately her investigation is going nowhere fast and the bodies are piling up fast. The pressure is mounting and her supervisors have called in help that Trish is not appreciative of.

Leviathan is a Seraph and has made himself available to the government for odd and macabre murder investigations. Called in to Death Valley, he finds Trish Redding totally over her head. What doesn’t help is that Trish is just the type of woman he’s always been attracted to: beautiful, obstinate, and hard-headed. While he’s ready to find this murderer and bed the attractive Trish, the murderer has other ideas. He sets his sights on Trish, and Levi might not be able to save the stubborn beauty…

Reader Alert! Leviathan is ready for anything, except maybe the delectable Trish Redding. They argue, they fight, they clash, and they are made for each other.

To My Readers: Enjoy another fallen angel story, this one set in the hot desert of Death Valley. Let me know who want next!

About the Author: Monica Owens lives in Texas but is originally from Wisconsin. She’s been married for more than 20 years to the man of her dreams and is mother to a menagerie of animals. When she isn’t working her 9 to 5 job, she’s working on the world of the Fallen Angels. Come along for the ride!

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