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Just Release: LIAR by D. Morrissey #newrelease #romance

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We are celebrating the release of “Liar” this week, Book One of The Southern Ladies’ Glee Club series. Meet Billie Shaw, a sarcastic, chain-smoking, alcoholic process server who would rather run someone down with her car than have to chase after them on foot. It seems that Billie has a penchant for two things: small-time criminal Adam Lesser, and dispensing good, old-fashioned Southern justice. When Billie crosses paths with a ruthless killer, she turns to her friends for help. Together, they form The Southern Ladies’ Glee Club, doling out punishments “with glee” to criminals who think they are untouchable. As things heat up between Billie and Adam, so do the ladies’ schemes to take down a dangerous killer. Who knew planning a murder could be so much fun?

Liar is unique in that the heroine is not Wonder Woman or a Victoria’s Secret Model. She is not even anyone we would want to aspire to be like. Yet, she is real and relatable, and commands the readers’ cheers and support. Also, unlike other books of this genre, the ladies turn murder into comedy. How often can someone laugh during a climactic murder scene?

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