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Just Released: Kaleidoscope for a Lion – by Merlaine Hemstraat

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Camille’s world was achromatic… would Eline’s love become the kaleidoscope of his life…

Eline Gielen tragically encounters Damiaan Trieste at an accident scene near Antwerp, Belgium. His paramedic half-brother, Camille Martens, battles to rescue Damiaan. Camille beguiles Eline, revealing he is a compulsive liar with epic emotional issues. Their explosive relationship is breath taking yet rife with uncertainty…

Camille is an erotic enigma… reverting between reality and fantasy… indescribable shades haunt him…until he is uncontrollable…would mercy be enough?


Kaleidoscope for a Lion blazes with explosive sensuality and is rife with emotional intensity and psychological intrigue. It blurs the lines of reality with illusion. The beguiling love story and erotic thriller, explores psychological intrigue as it pertains to compulsive fallacy, re-scripting relationships and forging allegiances. Eline Gielen, Belgian paramedic, Camille Van Riet (alias Camille Martens) and his brothers are construed subjectively throughout the labyrinth. Eline, Damiaan and Danneel’s devotion to Camille are challenged when he faces a monumental trial. Elements of the novel are woven into the world of fine art, masterpieces and art forgery. Possessing a myriad of secrets, each protagonist holds their cards close to their chests. The characters are on a quest with destiny that includes courage, mercy and volition. Each chapter is alive and fresh with brazen challenges and explosive emotion … Camille existed in an achromatic world… until Eline’s love became the kaleidoscope of his life… the unprecedented revelation is astonishing…

About the Author:

Merlaine Hemstraat is the published author of Peacocks among the Tamarind Trees and several short stories. Merlaine has travelled extensively throughout the world. She spends her time in Toronto, Canada.


Want to read more? We’d love for you to pick up a copy and be prepared to be swept up in the suspense.

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