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Just Release: HIS ENGLISH LADY – Abbey Faith

by admin

The third oldest Ranlyn sibling and the one who has dealt with the most rejection on the marriage market, Kitty Ranlyn is moved from one place to another in an attempt to find a husband. With no ideas left, her oldest brother and guardian sends her to America, hoping that the relaxed customs will allow her odd nature to shine. In a little village called Rechquaakie in New York, Kitty encounters Ellis Steele, a charismatic, handsome, and inventive man who led her to believe that he was going to pursue her. But all is not as it seems in this peculiar, closed-off place where nothing exciting ever happens.

Understanding that she is being rejected one more time, Kitty puts down her foot and declares herself an independent woman. Of course, she doesn’t need money. She’s the sister-in-law of the wealthy and generous aristocrat, the Marquess of Salford. Giving up on her pursuit of a husband, she decides to make a clothing shop with Ellis’s help—this time viewing him solely as a friend and business partner.

But Ellis Steele’s older brother, Eldon, understands that she is making a bad decision. He knows about his brother’s tainted reputation. Not wanting the innocent lady to get mixed up in that, Eldon decides to become her chaperone. There is no way that anyone can assume that he has become her suitor. He is nearly twenty years her senior, scarred down his left side, and widowed. In an attempt to protect Kitty’s status, he accidentally stirs up more trouble than he intended for either of them. This leads to a marriage proposal—from Eldon Steele himself. Kitty, who has been secretly falling in love with the mathematician, is delighted. But she doesn’t know all that the older Steele brother has been keeping from her—fantastical family members, violent murders, a fire in his home, a brother with a forbidden love life, and a twisted childhood riddled with mistakes that he himself made. Can her love make him forgive what he’s done and move on from the past?

I am so happy to see the studious, serious, preachy, dark-humored mathematician, Eldon Steele, and his English lady, Kitty Ranlyn, go out into the world. They’ve been a pain in my neck to write, but their scenes have been so much fun and I’ve enjoyed every minute of crafting their book. They have huge personalities and big dreams. His English Lady has been laborious to write, but I think that it’s finally ready to see the light of day. I hope that all of you enjoy my most theatrical characters.


His English Lady is different because it doesn’t follow society’s rules for men or women at the time. Eldon Steele is a reclusive genius who has been badly damaged in a house fire. He’s widowed and cranky, but when Kitty Ranlyn arrives in his village and strikes up a deal with his reckless brother, he realizes that she is going to ruin her reputation and decides to go everywhere with Ellis, his sibling, and the young lady of the gentry. Kitty has become fed up with being rejected, so she decides to forgo marriage and set up her own clothing shop with Ellis’s help. But when Eldon becomes involved, things go a little awry and they end up engaged. Kitty thinks that everything is settled, but not all is at it seems in this boring village in the middle of nowhere.

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