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Amber Green is the pseudonym for a professional paper-pusher who shares her house with one husband, two sons, five cats, a perma-puppy, and a geriatric dog. The poultry is supposed to stay out of the house and usually does, but one black hen occasionally sneaks through the cat door to perch atop the terrarium/iguana tank, somehow balancing upside-down to hold staring contests with the lizard. When not writing, tending to her day job, or taking a broom to marauding opossums, the author can normally be found watering her plants or reading with her sons while giving thanks for the invention of the air conditioner. Visit her website at ShapeshiftersInLust.com.
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• Secrets Volume 13
by Charlotte Featherstone, Amber Green, Calista Fox, Rachelle Chase
• Secrets Volume 13 • Trade Paperback
by Charlotte Featherstone, Amber Green, Calista Fox, Rachelle Chase
• Secrets Volume 20
by Charlotte Featherstone, Amber Green, Dominique Sinclair, Leigh Wyndfield
• Secrets Volume 20 • Trade Paperback
by Charlotte Featherstone, Amber Green, Dominique Sinclair, Leigh Wyndfield

Review Highlights


5 STAR REVIEW  StarFull.gif StarFull.gif StarFull.gif StarFull.gif StarFull.gif
SECRETS VOLUME 20: SURRENDER TO PLEASURE is just that, a carnal unfolding of the hidden desires of woman and the pleasures they seek. Each story offers a unique and intriguing look into a woman’s place in society no matter the place in time. I especially enjoyed the last two books in the anthology STASIS by Ms. Wynfield and A WOMAN'S PLEASURE by Ms. Featherstone. However, I can honestly say that a reader will not be disappointed with any of the titles included in this volume of erotic delight.
~~~ DEBBIE - Enchanting Reviews

SECRETS, Volume 20 contains four very different erotic adventures. The stories are well told with likable, fully developed characters and sizzling romance. The different genres mesh well and give a great sampling of each.
For a wonderful treat, pick-up SECRETS, Volume 20. You won't be disappointed.
~~~Jennell - RRTErotic - Romance Reviews Today
Vol. 20: This is an entertaining collection of stories spanning several different genres. Paranormal, Victorian-set historical, sci-fi and romantic suspense elements are featured. The sensuality levels vary, but all are hot and use explicit language. This is a fine set of tales that readers will be able to lose themselves in.
~~~Kristi Ahlers - Romantic Times BOOKreviews
Volume 20 of the SECRETS series is aptly named SURRENDER TO PLEASURE because each of these stories will have you running for the ice and turning up the air conditioning.
~~~ANGEL - romancejunkies.com


      "The Subject" by Amber Green. Game designer Tyler was on the verge of making millions, but instead she is on the run with someone wanting her dead. The mysterious shapeshifting Esau seems to show up every time she needs him, but can she trust him with her heart and her life?
        Usually this reviewer dislikes mixing of genres, but Secrets seems to do this successfully as evident by the range from paranormal shape shifting to sci fi to Victorian historical to suspense. All have in common strong protagonists and delightful story lines that are fun, exciting, and hot as the tradition of excellence continues with the twentieth edition.
~~~Harriet Klausner - REVIEWS


4½ Stars !!!!StarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gif

Listen to what reviewers have to say!
“In Secrets Volume 13, the temperature gets turned up a few notches with a mistaken personal ad, shape-shifters destined to love, a hot Regency lord and his lady, as well as a bodyguard protecting his woman. Emotions and fl ames blaze high in Red Sage’s latest foray into the sensual and delightful art of love.”
4½ Stars
—Romantic Times BOOKclub


This story certainly tickled the reviewers!

“Hawkmoor is an incredible story that mixes vampires and shape shifting into one fantastic tale. … The love scenes will keep readers in a constant state of heat and running for a cold shower. This is the first story that I have read by Amber Green, but it is apparent that she is an author with a brilliant career ahead.”
—Romance Junkies

“A wonderful new voice in paranormal romance.”
—Robin D. Owens, 2002 RITA Winner Paranormal Romance

“A hearty mix of high sensuality and exceptional world building, Hawkmoor delivers on its paranormal promise.”
—Cricket Starr

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