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Ann Jacobs, multi-published in romance as Ann Josephson and Sara Jarrod, sought out Red Sage Publishing when a sensual medieval warlord home from the Crusades kept urging her to write his story.

She hopes The Barbarian and his hot-blooded wife will titillate readers’ senses as they evolve from enmity in their forced marriage, through mutual hot and steamy lust, to an earthy, adventurous love.

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• Secrets Volume #3
by Angela Knight, Ann Jacobs, B.J. McCall, Jeanie Cesarini
• Secrets Volume #3 • Trade Paperback • $5.50 SALE PRICE
by Angela Knight, Ann Jacobs, B.J. McCall, Jeanie Cesarini

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Another ultra-spicy Secrets story left reviewers smoking
“Ann Jacobs weaves a potent tale of harem life without the harem. Her colorful descriptions of techniques make this one hard to put down.”
—Affaire de Coeur

“This story is smokin’!”
—Laurie Shallah, Under the Covers review

“When I finished Ann’s Barbarian, I went up in smoke!”
—Virginia Henley, Best Selling Author

The Barbarian by Ann Jacobs
Lady Brianna resists being taken in The Barbarian. She and her castle are a reward from the king, but she vows not to surrender to the barbaric Giles, Earl of Harrow. He must use sexual arts learned in the infidels' harem to conquer his bride. Lust and love come together in this story. A word of caution-not for the fait of heart.

To My Readers: The Barbarian brings home lusty appetites honed in harems of the East. When he discovers to his pleasure that his bride the king has provided him along with rich estates in England appreciates and shares his enthusiasm for varied bed sports, he is a happy man. Little does he know that from healthy lust will grow a love of a lifetime. I hope you enjoy the fantasy as well as the gritty reality of this tale of sex and love set in the harsh and unforgiving medieval times. Erotic though this story may be, it is romance as well — the story of one man and one woman, searching for happily ever after.

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