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A Tavern Wench to Bed - by Brenda Williamson
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Category: Historical Medieval, Fantasy, Dragons
Length: Novel Class
MSRP/List Price: $2.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  

Sorcha Bronson, the beautiful daughter of a slain dragon trainer is determined to take over her father’s business. To make a name for herself means showing off her skills in a tournament where she goes up again the best dragon rider knight she can find.  But first, she must convince him to accept her challenge. When the knights of the Dragon Fighter’s Society turn her down because she’s a woman, she tries using feminine wiles to change one man’s mind.  Soon, she discovers a game of love that seduces and distracts her. Uncertain she has any real chance at winning Sir Henry’s heart, she struggles to stay focused on her career.

Handsome, charming, free-spirited Sir Henry Pembroke loves riding dragons and competing in the kingdom’s tournaments. With a penchant for harmless fun, he’s unprepared for the ambitious lady who wants to participate in a dangerous sport meant for men.  He makes it his mission to keep her from getting hurt, but the tavern wench shows unfaltering determination when she attempts to barter sex for a chance to compete. Sir Henry finds himself more attracted to the beguiling and passionate beauty than he bargains on. Yet he has to wonder if Sorcha is just playing on his emotions to get what she wants. Or, can her love be real?

Reader Alert!:  Determined to compete in the dragon fighter tournaments, Sorcha will do anything to get a dragon knight to accept her challenge, including wagering her virtue.  But beware…this story will leave you dreaming of having a steamy sex scene of your own with one breathtakingly handsome knight.

To My Readers: In this third book of my dragon fighter romance series, you get to know the third and youngest Pembroke brother, dragon rider knight, Sir Henry. If you remember him from book one, then you know Henry is a fun loving, free-spirited charmer that had to have his own story. He takes nothing too seriously, that is, until he meets a woman much different then the noble ladies his brothers have married, and suddenly, settling down never looked more appealing.
As for the lady that turns his head, Sorcha is a strong-willed commoner, a tavern wench, the inheritor of her father’s dragon training business. You’ll find yourself rooting for her right off, as she persistently attempts to make it in a man’s world. She’s tough and determined to do whatever it takes, including have sex with a man. Naturally, she never dreamed that she’d fall in love with one of the handsome knights she was trying to use to her advantage.
But while they come together for selfish reasons, they develop a deeper bond that comes from similar tragedies in their pasts, and it’s that emotional connection that starts them on the path to happily-ever-after.

ISBN: 9781603106986 1603106987 Publication Date: 09/2011
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