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Agent Provocateur - by Nathalie Gray
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Category: Action & Adventure, Futuristic, Paranormal,Science Fiction, Thriller
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $6.50
Our Cover Price: $3.50
Available Format: eBook  

He has been trained to infiltrate the enemy and kill it from the inside, a breathing weapon, a super soldier with genetic enhancements that brand him a freak. He doesn’t care. He needs no one. But when he meets another like him, a woman as beautiful as she’s dangerous, a strange thing happens to him—he starts to hope.

To My Readers: I’ve always wanted to write a story set in my hometown of Montreal. Agent Provocateur is it. Against a backdrop of a 24th century dystopian society, this is the story of Troy and Mercury, both secret weapons in their own rights. As they slalom around obstacles, blow stuff up and generally destroy their way to their goal, they have to decide which is more dangerous—falling in enemy territory, or falling for each other. What have I done to my beautiful Montreal?!

ISBN: 9781603103022 1603103023 Publication Date: 2007
by Nathalie Gray  

RT Rating:
Category: EROTICA
Published: September 2009
Type: Erotic Romance (Futuristic, E-book)

Gray has built a fantastic world in a 24th-century Montreal dystopia with two disparate individuals thrown together. This novella captures the imagination with some spicy sex and nonstop action. It's fun sorting the bad guys from the good.

Summary: Genetically enhanced Troy is released from his hellish prison with orders to kidnap the leader of the Misborns. His assigned partner on the mission is Mercury, an Integer posing as a Misborn with special sight and knife-throwing skills.

Only the promise of a full pardon convinces Troy to take the assignment. Working with the gorgeous woman with a smart mouth is a bonus. His heightened olfactory sense reveals her attraction to him, and he responds accordingly. He's armed and prepared for anything -- except a reunion with an archenemy he thought destroyed long ago. (EREDSAGE.COM, dl $3.50)

~~ Donna M. Brown ~ Romantic Times Book Review

Agent Provocateur
by Nathalie Gray, futuristic (2009)
Red Sage Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 978-160310-302-2

Agent Provocateur is set in 24th century Montreal, where we meet Jean-Sébastien Troy, our bad-ass undercover agent whose last job was a little too successful, with the resulting mounting collateral damage forcing his superiors to let him take the fall as the bad guy. We don't want to embarrass the government, after all, do we? Troy, having served almost six years out of his 71-year sentence, is understandably not a happy man. Still, when a hot woman, Mercury, from the upper caste approaches him for assistance, he reluctantly accepts because he'll get a full pardon if he gives her what she wants. All he has to do is to kidnap Brother Cain, the symbol of the revolutionary spirit that is rallying the lower caste folks to topple those in the upper caste.

Ooh, I think I'm in love with this story when Mercury and Troy start beating up each other the moment the person in charge is away. Ms Gray is one of those rare authors who can make such display of testosterone the sexiest kind of foreplay ever. Nothing is what it seems to be at first in this story, and I feel that some of the twists could use a little more development in order to give this story a little more oomph factor, but given that this is a short story, I probably can't complain.

The romance isn't the most believable one, but this story is very fast-paced and sexy, what with all that aggressive foreplay, heh. The setting is on the generic futuristic side, but the way the author introduces the twists have me thinking that I won't mind seeing more of this world.

If you want a quick read that is sexy and action-paced with plenty of, er, aggressive foreplay, Agent Provocateur may just fit the bill. All these short stories by this author are making me really interested in a full-length futuristic thriller from her. When is that one coming out?

Rating: 84

~~ Mrs Giggles Reviews

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