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Amorous Redemption - by Faye Hall
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Category: Historical Erotic Romance, Outback Australia, Suspense, Drama, Mystery
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

Phoebe Porter had run away from her family…from her fiancé…from her life.

Upon arriving in the dusty mining town of Ravenswood, Queensland, Australia, Phoebe was certain she was finally safe from all who wanted to rob her of everything she had…including her life.  That was until she felt herself being swept up in the strong arms of a stranger…a stranger she would soon be surrendering her body and heart too.

This was to be the last job for bounty hunter, Duncan MacAllester.  All he had to do was retrieve Phoebe Porter from Ravenswood and return her to her home of Inkerman Downs Station and to the fiancé awaiting her.  If he could survive this last hunt for this woman then he would finally have the money he needed to reclaim his cattle station and retrieve his life.

When Duncan pulled Phoebe safely from the midst of a bar brawl, never could he have imagined this would be the beginning of one of the most dangerous journeys he had ever made…or the most passionate.

Together Duncan and Phoebe must face not only the unforgiving humidity of the North Queensland outback, but also the men that were sent after them to kill them both.

When Phoebe is ripped from his grasp by the abusive hands of her fiancé, Duncan follows her back to her hometown knowing that he would do anything to protect this woman…even if it cost him his life.


Reader Alert! Phoebe Porter’s family needed her dead if they were to gain control of her substantial cattle station and vast fortune.  She ran away from her home desperate to save her life, but she ran straight into the arms of the bounty hunter that had been sent after her.  She fought against him the whole journey from Ravenswood back to her home but eventually all she could do was surrender her heart and body to him.


To My Readers:  Amorous Redemption will give you a walk through my own family’s history when they first arrived in Australia, including the very cattle station that remained in my family until a few years ago.  The characters are bold.  The scenery is rural and right in the middle of the beauty of the Australian outback.  Follow the footsteps of Phoebe and Duncan and come experience a passion driven journey like no other.



About the Author: I’m an Australian by birth, and grew up not far from where all my books are set.  I love my country, and I feel that by setting my stories in Australia, I can give my readers a little part of my world.  I have always loved romance, and the happily ever after that goes with love stories, but I also love a good mystery and scandal too, and that’s what I try to incorporate in my stories.

ISBN: 9781603100625 1603100628 Publication Date: 05/2017
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