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Bethany Michaels grew up in a small Indiana farm town where her love of reading and writing took root. She recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and four small children where she loves the parks and scenery but still misses the winter snow…sometimes.

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A Christmas Cara
by Bethany Michaels
The Secret Confessions of Lady H 1
by Bethany Michaels
The Secret Confessions of Lady H 2
by Bethany Michaels
The Secret Confessions of Lady H 3
by Bethany Michaels
• Secrets Volume 23
by Bonnie Dee, Calista Fox, Bethany Michaels, Roxi Romano
• Secrets Volume 23 • Trade Paperback
by Bonnie Dee, Calista Fox, Bethany Michaels, Roxi Romano
Wicked Illusions
by Bethany Michaels

Review Highlights

A Christmas Cara

4 out of 5 stars from Manic Readers!!StarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gif

I totally enjoyed reading a new romantic edition of A Christmas Carol. Bethany has done a wonderful job of bringing a sensual modern twist on a Christmas Classic. She shows the reader that Christmas is a time for reconnecting with old friends and celebrating with family and that miracles truly can happen. I will be reading this book more than once!

~~~Manic Readers

**** 4 1/2 star StarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifreview of  Christmas Cara from Two Lips Bethany Michaels adds a new spin to the holiday book and movie, A Christmas Carol, with her up-to-date version, where Cara Travers plays Scrooge and does a very good job of retelling this carol in a female version. Old Scrooge had nothing on Cara until a little white hot sex made Cara see the need to change her ways! A Christmas Cara is a swift and easy read for those who commute to work. I'll take Ms. Michael's version any time, place, or day of the year!

~~~Two Lips



EDUCATING EVA by Bethany Michaels
Eva is researching mating habits in the human male to write a book. Spying on her neighbors seems to provide her with quite a lot of helpful information. When she's invited to a house party to continue her research, Ava soon discovers a very intoxicating world involving pleasures of the flesh. When she is caught by Aidan Worthington, she can't help but be humiliated. After all, it was he she was eavesdropping on while he was in coital bliss with another woman. When Eva drags Aidan into her research, he finds himself hard pressed to resist her. Soon enough, he finds himself completely breathless with passion for her. Before her "research" is through, Aidan is definitely going to make Eva his—forever.

The SECRETS books are some of my favorite collections and these authors and stories are the reason why.
~~Amanda Haffery - DARK ANGEL REVIEWS

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