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Bar None - by Eden Elgabri
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Category: Contemporary, BDSM, Capture & Bondage, Taboo
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $6.50
Our Cover Price: $3.49
Available Format: eBook  

    Dani Summers is as vanilla as a milkshake. So what draws her to the danger and excitement of the BDSM world? At first she thinks it is just research for the book she is writing for her MFA program. But once she meets John Broughan, the Dom of her dreams, Dani is ensnared in a lifestyle that very well could be her downfall.

    John Broughan is an FBI agent out to catch a serial rapist. To do this he must become engrossed in BDSM. But he’s only playing a part. Or is he?

The two quickly become mesmerized by their new roles. Unfortunately, Dani is exactly the type of novice to attract the attention of the man John is trying to catch. When she becomes prey to the rapist, John must race against the clock to save her while fighting the feelings he has tried to repress.


To My Reader: I often wondered how an inexperienced woman would react to a Dom. For research for this book I went to a BDSM chat room and asked questions. Online, I chatted with some very intelligent, upfront people. I tried to incorporate their characteristics and experiences into Bar None.

ISBN: 9781603106382 1603106383 Publication Date: 04/2011
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