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Blood Possession - by Brandy Roark
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Category: Action and Adventure, Contemporary, Fantasy Dark, Paranormal Vampire, Romance, Suspense,
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.25
Our Cover Price: $3.25
Available Format: eBook  

Being attacked in an alley is one thing, but when your attacker bites your neck and drinks your blood, that is a whole different story. When Forensic medical examiner McKenzie Adams is turned into a vampire against her will, the normal life she led is suddenly shattered. Her sexy and charismatic assistant Ron comes to her rescue when he finds her in the alley in the arms of her new maker. He manages to get her back to the safety of her apartment, but not before it’s too late to save her mortality. The next morning McKenzie wakes as a fledgling vampire. She is confused by the attack and chalks it up as a dream, until Ron convinces her of the truth. He also has another revelation—he is a vampire as well. Even though McKenzie is in shock, with the help of Ron, she begins to adjust to her new life. But the happiness is short-lived when her maker, Aaron, comes for her. His blood courses through her veins and he is hell-bent on getting her back. Aaron gives her an ultimatum—she must come with him, or Ron dies. McKenzie has to say goodbye to everything she knows and loves to be thrust into a lonely existence, where she must fight her unwelcome desire for her maker. He is a cold-hearted creature, but she craves his touch like a drug. Can Aaron change his cruel ways and become a man she can love, or will he be the true death of her?

Reader Alert! Death isn’t anything new to McKenzie Adams. As a forensic medical examiner it’s quite normal to her. But when she faces her own death at the hands of an ancient vampire, there isn’t anything normal about it. Grab a fan, because when you read Blood Possession you’re going to need a good cooling off. McKenzie’s story is packed with wanton desire and sexual tension.   

To My Readers: I am thrilled to bring this story to my readers. Blood Possession is a compelling read as forensic medical examiner McKenzie Adams takes you through her dark and sexy journey. The life that she is used to is suddenly shattered when she comes face to face with an ancient vampire in an abandoned alley. I really enjoyed bringing the chemistry Ron and McKenzie share to life, and the sizzling moments between her and Aaron, her maker. Blood Possession is the first book in the series of immortal promise. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.     

About the Author: I have always been obsessed with vampires, even as a child. I remember when my dad would let me watch Dracula movies with him; I would always get mad when Dracula died at the end. How dare they kill Dracula! Along with my longtime love for vampires, I also have a love for writing. Writing is one of my life’s passions. When I’m not writing I’m spending time with my two precious sons and husband. I’m an extreme animal lover and have two cats and one dog. One day I dream of owning horses. On Thursday evenings you will find me in front of the TV watching The Vampire Diaries.

ISBN: 9781603108645 1603108645 Publication Date: 11/2014


Blood Possession Brandy Roark 3 Stars
Readers looking for their fix of sexy vampires will be very satisfied with Blood Possession. The series starts off when a bang when McKenzie is forcibly introduced to the world of vampires, and it hints toward an intriguing love triangle between McKenzie, her vampire maker and her long time crush that is effectively dropped once the book reaches its second half. The dark romance be- tween McKenzie and her maker, Aaron, offers sensual delights throughout the book. The end teases a renewal of  the love triangle in the next volume, but it’s too bad it doesn’t make a big enough appearance in this one. Still, it’s enough to leave the reader hungry for the next volume.
Summary: McKenzie is no stranger to death since she began working in the morgue. Her co-worker Ron is the one bright spot, but he’s strictly off-limits since he already has a girlfriend. McKenzie is content with just her crush, until she’s suddenly changed into a vampire. Ron helps her through the experience, revealing that he is a vampire as well. He promises to keep her safe, but no one can protect her from the hold her vampire maker already has over her. It’s in her blood, and McKenzie can’t fight  it.

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