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Blood Game - by Rae Monet

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Category: Science Fiction, Vampire

Length: Novel Class
MSRP/List Price: $6.95
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Available Format: eBook

Description: In the year 2060, after centuries of conflict between vampires and hunters, a treaty is signed guaranteeing peace between the factions. That treaty holds for sixteen years without even a flicker of discord, until Byron Sangerian is kidnapped by a rogue vampire terrorist who needs Byron’s help to make his schemes succeed.

To preserve the peace, an unprecedented alliance of hunters, vampires and humans must be formed to rescue Byron. Sara Weston, the reclusive cyber-security expert on the hunters’ side, agrees that this time -- just this once -- she will come out of isolation to help the rescue efforts.

But it’s not only interspecies peace that lures Sara out of seclusion. She’s been watching Byron for years on her security cameras. Watching his long, hard lines. Watching his lean muscles moving under a tight white tee and black leather. Watching his long, sexy hair as he pushed it back from his face in an habitual gesture so seductive, so effortlessly erotic, that Sara is mesmerized.

With so much at stake, the time for watching is over. Sara needs action, and she needs it fast, in order to win this Blood Game....

To My Readers: Blood Game is the second book in my futuristic Vampire series called Blood Squad. The books in this series hold a special place in my heart, they touch on the healing of love and the need for hope. There are two more stories planned in the series. I hope you enjoy Blood Game, Sara and Byron’s story. I know I loved writing it and am thrilled to share their journey with you.

ISBN: 9781603101486 1603101489 Publication Date: 2008

5 STAR REVIEW!!StarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gif

Blood Game, Rae Monet "Byron is the type of male character I really enjoy; he wouldn’t give up on love, even when the outcome looked bleak. Sara is a tender woman, the type I can imagine being friends with. I enjoyed her genuine likeability. The love story is only one exciting thread of this rich and intricate saga of the struggle to save the world from destruction by a madman determined to create a super-race of vampires to prey upon humans and vampires alike. I enjoyed the faced paced plot, which has multiple twists and turns."


In Blood Game the second book of the Blood Squad series, Rae Monet once again wraps you up in her world of Vampires and the Human Hunters although this time they are working together. What enemy has succeeded in bringing these two groups together? It's Rurik, the genetically enhanced, loose cannon we first met in Sangerian Rose, book one of this series.

The last place Byron expected Rurik to show up was in front of his apartment. They had all been hunting him for months and there he was, Byro knew this wasn't going to be good. Within minutes Rurik and his clan knocked Byron out and kidnapped him. He was a hostage for three long months before the combined Hunter/Vamp Task Force was able to locate and rescue him. Unfortunately once Byron is rescued and back in the safety of his Coven he still seems to be slipping away. His body is healing but something is keeping his mind from allowing him to awaken.

Sara Westin is a cyber-security expert, she would love to be out with the rest of the team tracking down killers but she has a problem, a freak accident years ago caused her to loose the ability to walk and has left her suffering with extreme pain ever since. So she spends her time in front of computer screens where her wheelchair is not an issue.

Sara has an experimental solution she developed for herself but she's willing to try it for Bryon's condition. She is able to enter his mind to help him heal and face his pain. Of course once they meet in his dreams the two are irrevocably drawn together - no matter how much Sara wants to deny the attraction.

I absolutely loved Blood Game and can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the series. Bryon was dashing in the first book, but Ms. Monet really turned him into one hot Vamp for this story - so much more than just a playboy. Sara is an extremely strong female, her character is well written and her emotions ring true. The dialogue is entertaining, the plot suspenseful and the chemistry between Byron and Sara is electric.

Ms. Monet's Blood Game is wicked, witty and flat out sexy. I highly recommend this book! Once you start reading you won't be able to put it down until you've turned the last page.

~~~SIMPLY ROMANCE REVIEWS Erotic Paranormal Romance

Oakland, California – 2060

After years of war between the vampires and the hunters, a treaty has been formed. Now the hunters and Sangorian vampires work together to protect humankind from the vampires who would enslave them. Byron Sangorian hunts those of his kind who would destroy the treaty with the hunters. In particular, he is hunting Rurik Sage, the leader of the rebels. When Rurik and his minions catch Byron off-guard, he is captured and taken to Rurik’s stronghold. The hunters and Sangorian vampires will stop at nothing to get Byron back.

Sara Weston works for the hunters and is their computer wizard; with her help, the hunters and vampires have located Byron and are planning a rescue mission. They hope to capture or kill Rurik in the process. As Sara, confined to a wheel chair, watches the rescue unfold on her monitors, she prays they can find and save Byron. Sara has never met the handsome vampire, but she’s watched him many times on her computer monitors. There is something about Byron that draws Sara, though she knows there isn’t a chance they will ever meet.

Byron is rescued, but Rurik escapes once again. When Byron is brought to the underground Sangorian compound, he is unconscious. His vital signs are good, but he refuses to awaken. No one knows what has been done to Byron while he was a captive of Rurik, but his body has been covered in strange tattoos. The Sangorians request that Sara attempt a dream link with Byron to bring him back to consciousness. Sara agrees, but is not sure her new procedure will even work. Sara slips into Bryon’s dreams and they meet face to face in the dream realm. There is an instant attraction between them, but Byron fears Sara is simply another trick of Rurick’s. Sara musts convince Byron she is friend, not foe and she succeeds, but when Bryon awakes, she doesn’t want to see him. In their shared dreams, Sara is whole and not confined to her wheelchair, but in the real world the passion that flared between them would whither and die.

When Byron awakens, the first person he asks for is Sara, but no one will tell him anything about her. Along with a loss of memory of his time in captivity, Byron awakes with some new and unusual powers. Byron tracks Sara down and is determined to make her his -- and he won’t let her fears stop him. Besides, Sara is the only one who seems to be able to help Byron control his new and deadly powers. Sara and Byron must work together to unlock his memories and find a way to stop Rurik. Sara must also learn to trust her heart if she is to save Bryon and herself.

BLOOD GAME is the second book in the Blood Squad series; however, it is not necessary to read the first in order to enjoy BLOOD GAME. The pace is fast, the writing smooth, and the characters are well-developed. The relationship between Sara and Byron is passionate and the true focus of the story. The quest to destroy Rurik and his group of terrorist vampires runs throughout the book, as well as the rules of the covenant between the Sangorian vampires and the hunters, but it’s the romance between Sara and Byron that takes center stage. Sara is a smart woman who, through an accident, lost the ability to walk. She is attracted to Byron but doesn’t want to be a burden to him. Byron is a man who appears to be self-sufficient and powerful on the surface, but his capture and torture by Rurik, as well as the changes that have happened to him, have left him unstable. He desires Sara above all things and will do anything to keep her -- including breaking most of the Sangorian Blood Law rules. The passion between them is searing and erotic, but it is not just sex for the sake of sex. Each love scene is carefully woven into the story to reveal more about the characters as well as strengthen the bond between them. For a highly entertaining as well as a sinfully sensual read, grab a copy of BLOOD GAME.


In the year 2060, a treaty is signed between vampires and human hunters to insure peace between the two species. The truce lasts sixteen years without problems before a vicious vampire named Rurik kidnaps Byron Sangerian. Now the vampires and the hunters must work together to free Byron.

Sara West is a reclusive cyber genius who agrees to help, not only for the good of the vampire and hunter’s alliance, but also for Byron. She’s had a secret crush on Byron for years and is determined to set him free.

However, Rurik has plans of his own. Each attempt to shut his operation down is seemingly a failure and it’s up to Sara to lead the team to victory. Will she be able to save Byron’s life and shut down Rurik’s team or will Rurik outsmart the intelligent Sara West?

BLOOD GAME is the second book in the futuristic vampire series by Rae Monet called Blood Squad, and possibly one of the best books I’ve read in this genre. This story is amazing from the very beginning. I was literally perched on the edge of my seat as I read page after page, wondering what would happen to these characters next. Ms. Monet did an excellent job with this series and I can’t wait to see what will happen as it progresses. A fantastic read you won’t want to pass up!

~~~ Lacey ~ Romance Junkies

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