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Whether reading or writing, Cameo Brown enjoys living in the world of stories, especially the erotic ones. In real life, she lives somewhere just right of the middle of the United States with her totally delectable husband (who still doesn't quite understand why she enjoys sitting at the computer so much) and a passel of temperamental felines who are plotting to take over the world. When not writing, cleaning up hairballs, or making up excuses to dance naked, she loves hearing from her readers and adding new features to her place in cyberspace, www.cafepriapus.com.. Visit her there for an occasional free story or contest opportunity, or drop her a line at cameo@cafepriapus.com to let her know what you would like to see next.
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Second Nature
by Cameo Brown

Review Highlights


"Mate with me."

This is the insistent demand wealthy tycoon Graham Norton makes on passionate activist Claret McDaniel. Never, "Make love to me." Never, "Let's have sex," or even a crass, "Let's do it, baby."

But whenever he sees her, whenever they meet to argue over his recent land development plans to destroy her beloved forest, the only place she feels at home, Graham urges Claret, "Mate with me."

And all of Claret's attempts to remain professional and pure are slowly melting away under the persuasive gleam in his eyes. She begins to sense under his carefully groomed businessman's exterior beats an untamed heart. There's something primitive about Graham. Something mythical. Something not entirely human. And whatever it is, she is about to find, deep within her unnatural human body ... its mate.

To My Readers: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make love in a forest? I did, and Second Nature is the result. Stubborn Claret really needs someone to tame her impulsive ways, and proud, sexy Graham is just the nature spirit to do it. I hope you enjoy their battle of wills!

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