When Catherine Berlin took an aptitude test in high school, the results said she should become a writer or a lawyer. Though her grandmother claims Catherine would argue with a fencepost, Catherine would much rather write about an argument than actually take part in one, so the writer in her thrived.

Though she would have preferred to be a pop star, Catherine attended college, earning degrees in three languages, as well as a minor in anthropology. The pop star thing did come in handy, however, because singing in a band helped pay for her education. Catherine met her handsome husband when he auditioned to be the drummer! Needless to say, he won the job and her heart, and years later she still loves him madly.

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Craving Jess
by Catherine Berlin
The Doctor Next Door
by Catherine Berlin
Something Wicked in Mind ~ Book 10 ~ Three Kinds of Wicked Series

Catherine Berlin

Review Highlights
Craving Jess by Catherine Berlin

5 STAR REVIEW! StarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gif

This book is both a great read and extremely hot. The plot is attention-grabbing. The characters are developed to the point that I felt almost a relationship with them.

Jess was convinced that she was a dud. The fact that her last date told her she was like a cold fish did not help matters. Jess had to find out if she was really that bad. She enlisted the help of her friend, Damon.

Damon had loved her for a while. He jumped at the opportunity to convince her of her hotness. Will she learn that she loves him?

This is one to read and recommend.

~~ Stephanie Rollins ~~ BookreviewsRus.com



Enchantments.jpg~ Rating: 5 Enchantments 5 Stars! star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif

Brandon, who’s very good looking, is an Emergency Room doctor with a busy schedule, but he’s never too busy to notice his lovely neighbor Gen. Gen is a thirty-year-old virgin. She’s gorgeous and she writes romance novels, in which she uses her hunky neighbor next door as a pattern for her heroes. But she will never date or get to know him because he is a doctor. Brandon, because of his profession, is ignored by Gen because of a fear she has that all doctors are alike. They are like her father, cold and self-serving. When she finally learns that Brandon is truly a nice guy and lets her guard down, they get together, date, and after she overcomes some of her fears, he asks her to marry him. Cute! Cute! Cute! This is a darling sensuous love story where two single neighbors who have admired each other from a distance for some time, finally come together. I completely enjoyed the relationship evolvement in this story, it was totally believable, and when Brandon dressed as a highland laird, complete with white billowy shirt and kilt, comes knocking at Gen’s door equipped with a picnic basket, full of traditional Scottish foods, I cracked up. He was just trying to fulfill one of Gen’s fantasies from the latest romance novel she had written, and which he had purchased, to better understand her. The scenario was completely believable as well as darling.

This is a cute story and well worth the read, this is a keeper; I will definitely read it again. Catherine Berlin sang in a band which helped her pay for college where she earned degrees in three languages. She ended up marrying the man who auditioned for drummer in the same band. He won the job and her heart, and they are married to this day.

~~ Desiree Douglas ~ Enchanting Reviews 5 Stars!

Kwips and Kritiques - Rating: 5 Klovers!


Brandon Dalton, MD is not usually a tongue-tied idiot. Unless he is face to face with Gen Downey, his next door neighbor. Every time he runs into her in the hallway, he is struck dumb. That is, until he mistakenly opens her mail and discovers she writes sexy historical romances. Suddenly Brandon is determined to capture Gen’s interest. And a power outage provides the perfect opportunity. Gen Downey can’t believe her dream guy is kissing and fondling her. The same man who she uses as the hero in her romance books. But how will he feel when he discovers she’s all talk with no experience? The Doctor Next Door by Catherine Berlin has it all! It’ll make you smile, keep your interest and make you sigh in the end! Blossoming romances just do it for me. I love it when best friends or in this case neighbors fall in love.

Catherine Berlin uses classic settings such as a power outage, injuries, and stalkers. Her use of these is not overdone, but rather lends to the overall story. The sex is explicit and wonderfully incorporated into this story. Brandon is determined to demonstrate all his qualities both in and out of the bed. Gen may not have any sexual experience, but her imagination more than makes up for it. Another great aspect of this book was the suspenseful moments. Gen decides to take an evening class and ends up in some pretty tense situations.

Catherine Berlin did a wonderful job incorporating this into the story. I especially loved how Gen doesn’t play the victim, but rather an empowered woman. Of course Brandon gets his moments too, but I’ll let you read the book to find out more. I loved every aspect of The Doctor Next Door by Catherine Berlin. It has all the elements of a neighbor romance and best of all it is written into a believable, romantic suspense story! This book gets 5 Klovers!

~~ Tina ~ Kwips and Kritiques

4.5 Blue Ribbons!

Dr. Brandon Dalton became a blithering idiot each time he saw his neighbor Genevieve Downey. He finally found an excuse to talk to the beautiful woman when her mail was delivered to him by mistake. A trip to the bookstore gave him a chance to discover what type of books she wrote. The Highland Lord was not the genre of book he would normall choose. Unknown to Brandon, he would soon be the hero in Gen’s next book. She found him extremely attractive. Brandon could hardly wait to read the romance book, especially the sexy parts. Gen’s heroes did not ask, they took what they wanted. She could not get him out of her mind. She could not resist his touch. The Doctor Next Door by Catherine Berlin is a delicious read. The plot is a mixture of passion with a touch of humor. The innocence of Gen and the maleness of Brandon make for a hot steamy relationship. Every damsel wants someone that will protect her. Berlin has a winner! Fans of romance will not want to miss The Doctor Next Door.

~~ Anne Boling ~~ ReviewYourBook.com 4.5 Blue Ribbons!

4 Stars!!!! star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif

"THE DOCTOR NEXT DOOR is more than just a simple fantasy being played out, it' s a wonderful story about next door neighbors who are attracted to each other but believe that a long-term relationship isn’t feasible. Gen thinks that the sort of hero she wants only lives in fantasies and books - Brandon can prove otherwise. Wonderful story Ms. Berlin! I' ll hope to see many more like this in the near future."

~~ Romance Junkies 4 Stars!

I really enjoyed The Doctor Next Door. It makes for a good light read. I had fun seeing shy Gen come out of her shell a little and become more independent as Brandon opened up to the possibility of love.... If you’re looking for a quick, light read about the beginning of a loving relationship, Catherine Berlin’s The Doctor Next Door is for you.

~ JERR Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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