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Chevon lives in a small town east of Toronto along with two dogs, a cat and ten thousand books. Her animals are the perfect audience for her work — they don’t blush when she reads out loud! When not writing, Chevon passes the long Canadian winters on the ski slopes.

Frontal Assault
by Chevon Gael
• Secrets Volume #5
by Shannon Hollis, B.J. McCall, Chevon Gael, Sandy Fraser
• Secrets Volume #5 • Trade Paperback • $5.50 SALE PRICE
by  Shannon Hollis, B.J. McCall, Chevon Gael, Sandy Fraser
• Secrets Volume 16
by Cynthia Eden, Charlotte Featherstone, Chevon Gael, Sheri Gilmore
• Secrets Volume 16 • Trade Paperback • $5.50 SALE PRICE
by Cynthia Eden, Charlotte Featherstone, Chevon Gael, Sheri Gilmore

Review Highlights

Frontal Assault by Chevon Gael

Frontal Assault ‐ 4.5 out of 5 stars  StarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gif

Rick Steele is just back from Iraq, and the war has changed him. No longer the man his wife remembers, their marriage begins to crumble. He has seen entirely too much and his wife, Angela, just doesn’t understand what he has endured. Rick can no longer find comfort with her.

When Rick doesn’t come home for days, Angela decides she simply cannot take it anymore. She realizes she has no choice but to divorce her husband and it dawns on Rick that he has his biggest battle ahead of him, keeping his wife. Can he convince her to stay?

Frontal Assault is a very erotic story of a crumbling relationship and doing what it takes to keep a marriage alive. Nothing is sexier than two people who are already in love, finding each other again. The relationship between these two characters is very dynamic. Chevon Gael shows us that marriage can be sensual and sexy.

Frontal Assault will leave you speechless and wanting more. Marriage doesn’t have to be boring same old sex, it can be steamy too.



 4.5 Stars !!
“Blackmail, games of chance, nude beaches and masquerades pave a path to heart-tugging emotions
and fiery love scenes in Red Sage’s latest collection.” 4.5 Stars
—Romantic Times BOOKclub

Hide and Seek by Chevon Gael  4 1/2 Hearts
The readers will fall in love with the writing of Ms. Gael. She paints a picture of a tropical paradise so vividly; you can almost feel the waves upon your feet and the smell of coconut oil emanating from the pages of the story. She will have your mouth watering for your own moments in the sun and the illicit happenings we all dream of.
Individual rating: 4 1/2 hearts
—Janalee Ruschhaupt - Love Romances.com


“Hot, hot, hot! Not for the faint-hearted!”
—Romantic Times Magazine

"Chevon Gael creates an interesting situation with lots of comedic sexual tension between Marcus and Ashlyn. Things sizzle every time they meet and they do meet in some strange places! Mis Gael packs a lot of sex into this short story. And finds great uses for the executive board room! This story is guaranteed to boost bedroom picture sales across the nation.”
—Affaire de Coeur review

“It only takes moments for photographer Marcus Remington to see the sensual side of the young woman who has come to his studio for a glamour photo. Insatiable by Chevon Gael is the tale of an advertising campaign that is hot enough to curl the celluloid in the photographer’s camera.”
—Writers Club Romance Group

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