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Cynthia Rayne is a multi-published author in many romance, erotica and erotic romance fiction genres including romantic comedy, bondage/discipline, contemporary, fantasy, gay/lesbian and light and dark paranormal. She was nominated for a 2006 Ecatoromance award and a finalist in the 2007 Brava Novella Contest. Cynthia was born in Northeastern Ohio and her aptitude for storytelling came at a very early age, when she used to create movie storylines for her parents. Cynthia wrote her first novel at the tender age of thirteen, a time when a risqué scene involved an open-mouthed kiss. She currently resides in Northern Virginia with hundreds of books and two adorably aggravating felines.
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FBI Agent Mark Truman hasn’t had sex in months. When he sees, what he thinks is a gorgeous hooker, Jasmine Winslow, lounging against a lamppost his libido overcomes his good sense and before he knows what the hell is happening she is grinding on his lap.

Jasmine is actually a DC cop and she dressed as a prostitute to distract the FBI agent while they arrested Stanton, a suspect in the murder of several college girls in Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

She wanted to nail Stanton to the wall, but undeniably she is attracted to the handsome G man and is thinking about nailing him instead. What happens when Stanton escapes from custody and they are confronted with a killer on the loose?

To My Readers:  Don’t you love G Men? I have to admit I have a thing for FBI agents. They are powerful, intelligent, fit, and they have the whole hero thing going for them. Maybe it is my location. Living in Northern Virginia, I come in contact with a lot of them. They roam the streets, guns lashed to their hips, with chiseled features and hard bodies. You can’t blame a girl for noticing (and drooling a little) can you?

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