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Mel’s professional writing career began as a Tech Writer when he was assigned to develop a series of equipment service brochures and manuals. Intended to be carried by oil drilling crews working on the rig floor, in isolated drilling locations far from the corporate office; ‘he was instructed to make his work a tribute to simplicity’.

He himself describes the content of his work during those years as plodding, dictatorial and boring to the extreme; but considering his readers were often far from the support of an Equipment Engineer—less proved to be sufficient.

After retirement, his first attempt to write a novel morphed into a Memoir (Footnotes) for his kids; receiving terrible reviews from them all for his efforts—he swore never to write again: Then, following his solo trip across Russia—Vladivostok to Moscow aboard Russia 1, the Trans- Siberian Express—he was inspired to try one last time: Tessa and the Second Icon is the first of his planned Tessa Series.

* 20190801* NEW • Tessa and the Second Icon •
by Jack Canfield

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