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Cocktails At Tiffany's - by Lynn Logan
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Category: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Length: Novelette'

MSRP/List Price: $5.50
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Jade Brennan arrives at Tiffany’s party expecting cocktails, never once imagining she’d be getting sex on the menu or having Kyle Adams as an appetizer. Her past record when it comes to men is horrific, and she’s afraid Kyle might be yet another man on her long list of mistakes. As a quarterback, he’s had his own black book of beautiful, ego-stroking women. Jade’s afraid if she charges ahead and lets Kyle into her heart, she’ll eventually end up erased from his black book and his life. Until she decides whether or not a relationship with Kyle is yet another lapse of good judgment, she is determined to keep Kyle and her relationship with him under wraps. Kyle Adams is just as determined to unwrap Jade from her doubts and her clothes. Up his sleeve, he’s got a flawless playbook, and he’s going to ruthlessly stick to it. Kyle is going to prove to Jade they’re perfect for each other in the bedroom, in the office, in the hall and in life. By the time the evening’s over, he will crash through her last line of defense. Kyle’s positive Jade is going to get far more than cocktails at Tiffany’s.

To My Reader: I’ve always loved old movies--Carey Grant, Rock Hudson, and Doris Day. One of my favorites was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I would guess the only similarity between this story and the movie, though, is the name Tiffany and a cocktail party. I also thought I’d put a completely different and naughty spin on the old cocktail party you see in those movies. I hope you enjoy Jade’s evening. After reading Jade and Kyle’s story, I know you’ll have a completely different take when it comes to cocktails!

ISBN: 9781603104944 1603104941 Publication Date: 2010

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