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Compromised - by Nathalie Gray

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Category: Adventure, Science Fiction,Futuristic

Length: Novelette'

MSRP/List Price: $3.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook

Description: Jojo Da Silva always gets her man.

She’s been an elite extraction team member long enough to know second-guessing can kill you. Get in, secure the target, then get out. Anything in the way is to be shot, blasted or destroyed. Especially those vicious Elfs, Exoskeletal Humanoid Life Forms with a mean streak that seems to grow wider in torture chambers during interrogations. No human has ever survived an Elf interrogation. Never.

Jojo knows this time she has to get her man before the Elfs discover his true identity and interrogate him. He’s been undercover on their trading station, so deep undercover that even she doesn’t know his identity. All she knows is the yellow dot on her wristband monitor that shows his location.

But when her target turns out to be her tough, daring, disappearing ex, a man as handsome as he was shrewd, one gifted with amazingly skilled hands and an even more wicked mouth, Jojo can’t seem to follow orders as usual. Abandon the compromised mission? No way! She has two hours, and Jojo won’t let Mathias die. He disappeared from her life, and she’s missed his loving ever since. She won’t let him slip away again.

Because Jojo always gets her man, and this time, it's personal.


To My Readers: Jojo and Mat have had a false start. It happens. They loved each other but let things get in the way. Things like their dangerous jobs, their Type A personalities, and the fate of the entire human race. But when life throws them back at each other, they intend to make it work. And damn the torpedoes!

ISBN: 9781603101905 160310190X Publication Date: 05/01/2008

Compromised - Nathalie Gray


 Rating: 4 Stars!!!! star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif

Heat level: O

Jo-Ann (Jojo) DaSilva is part of an elite extraction team on a mission
to get one of Earth’s operatives out of an E.L.F. (Exoskeleton Humanoid Life Form) stronghold. When Jojo learns that the prisoner is her former lover, Mathias, she is not willing to leave him there to die. Disobeying the order to abort her assignment, Jojo finds both herself and the mission compromised.

Nathalie Gray’s Compromised is an action-packed, emotionally charged, erotic short story that starts with a bang and doesn’t let up. In trademark fashion, Ms. Gray creates a memorable heroine in Jojo, a drop dead sexy hero in Mathias and sexual tension that you can cut with a knife. Well that tension doesn’t last too long once Mathias gets Jojo alone. To say that the sex was hot between them is an understatement on a grand scale. Together they were passionate, kinky and oh so stimulating but more than that, their sex was a homecoming that heightened the emotional impact of the story. Not to mention, I’ll always be a little turned on every time I hear the words “say my name”.

Admittedly, I am a fan of Ms. Gray’s books, especially the futuristics.
Compromised has everything I look for in a good short story…the sex, the characters and the story are all top-notch and left me wanting more. If instant gratification is what you seek, look to Nathalie Gray’s Compromised.

~~ Misa Noire ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Mrs. Giggles Reviews - Rating 83!!

The ELFs have landed! No, we aren't talking about Santa's little helpers. "ELF" stands for "Exoskeleton Humanoid Life Forms". Don't ask me what that means or what an ELF looks like - this is a very short story and the author doesn't dwell on pesky things like details here. Let's just assume that they are eight-foot tall aliens.

JoJo, our heroine, is caught in a crossfire at the start of Compromised, with many of her team mates already down for the count. As JoJo and what's left of her crew battle their way out of the ELF space station they find her ex-boyfriend Mathias Horsen held captive in an interrogation chamber. JoJo has her orders from HQ to withdraw while ignoring anyone else trapped in the space station, but this time around, JoJo is going to disobey her superiors and fight to make sure that Mat gets out alive with the rest of them. The thing is, they were and still are playing for opposing sides, what with her being a soldier for her bosses from Earth and he being a spy who is working for... well, someone else.

Compromised is a blindingly fast-paced story that is concerned mostly with our gang making their escape, along with a dozen or so subsequent pages to cool things down, get the obligatory sex scene going, and give the story some semblance of closure. Because of its short length, one can't expect much in terms of characterization or depths or even details. Despite the limitations, however, this is one exciting and fast-paced space adventure caper with some romance thrown in.

To be honest, the characters do seem too similar to those of the previous short space capers by this author that I've read and the storyline follows the same fundamental structure too.
But Compromised is superior to those stories, I find, because of its much better pacing and the placement of the sex scene that doesn't get too much in the way of the story. Fans of the author may find this one a quick read to whet their appetite until the next full-length effort by this author comes around.

~~Mrs. Giggles Reviews ~~ Rating: 83

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