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Covert Ops: Shifting Pleasures - by Alla Kar
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Category: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Pure Erotic, Romantic Suspense, Shape Shifters
Length: Novella 
MSRP/List Price: $3.75
Our Cover Price: $3.29
Available Format: eBook  
Description: Lilly Palmer is an agent working for the FBI. Not just any division either but the SSB. The Shape Shifter’s Bureau. When Lilly’s best friend Kole drags her out to a night club, she finds herself drawn to Bo Parker, a jarhead. Lilly despises Marine’s because she has had her fair share of them as partners and they are trigger happy, horny assholes that she can’t stand to be around. Regardless, she breaks her rule of one night stands and goes home with Bo, for a night to remember. When Lilly gets to her meeting the next morning she finds out that her new partner isn’t so new after all, Bo Parker, her one night stand, is standing there with a shit eating grin on his face. If it isn’t awkward enough, they are assigned a mission in South Africa when the U.S Vice President is kidnapped and have to go together. Their relationship heats up and they both want it, but Lilly seems to be the only one that wants to obey by the rules. No sexual relationships between partners. In South Africa, Bo and Lilly fight the urge to take one another and fight the bastards that want Lilly for a science experiment. Her ex partner, Patrick, has his hand deep in the Vice President’s kidnapping and wants her for her blood, to create shape shifters. Bo and Lilly will fight for each other in more ways than one, will they win the battle?
ISBN: 9781603108287 1603108289
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