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Cradle of Lies - by Rebecca E. Grant
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Fri, April 5, 2013 11:00 pm


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Category: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Western, And Cowboy
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $5.45
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

What can a man hope for when he’s spent the first sixteen years of his life forced to witness some of the most heinous murders ever committed? When Cord Archer first meets Mattie Rayne, her smile heats him like the summer sun, bleaching him clean. Nothing else matters except to make her his. Before he can do that, his conscience compels him to explain why he entered an institution at age sixteen and spent five years learning to read, write, and function in mainstream society.
Upon learning that Cord is the son of a notorious psychopathic serial-killer, Mattie realizes how miraculous it is that he survived, much less made it all the way back from crazy. The knowledge only makes her love him more.
Just when it would seem Cord is finally about to know love, two phenomenally staggering events irrevocably change the course of his life. First, a sociopath becomes fixated on him. Next, his daddy escapes from prison with the sole intent of tracking him down. Now, anyone in Cord’s life is at risk because the only thing deadlier than a psychopath is the random unpredictability of a sociopath. God help the man who has to contend with both.


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At eighteen, Mattie Rayne has no idea what it means to be sexually and sensually fulfilled… until she meets Cord Archer. While she’s an innocent, her body responds to Cord with an ancient cellular wisdom. Now, no one but Cord can satisfy her.

To My Readers:
When I first sat down to write this story, I intended it to be all about the glorious west. The immense Montana sky. The courageous, driving predilection the American cowboy has for the open-range. Yet, what came out was a gritty, teeth-clenching, dark story about a man who was so abused for the first sixteen years of his life, I almost stopped writing… until I realized this story epitomizes the unstoppable nature of love, and underscores our phenomenally remarkable ability as human beings to overcome any obstacle.

ISBN: 9781603108270 1603108270
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