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Cursed - by Beth Harrison
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Category: Fantasy, Fantasy Celtic, Paranormal, Ancient Britain, Reincarnation
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $5.75
Our Cover Price: $4.49
Available Format: eBook  

Kate Casterbridge, professor of Victorian literature, prefers to spend her evenings alone with her cat on her lap and her nose in a book. Aidan More, the world’s preeminent scholar on witches and witch burnings, has suffered the tortures of the damned over thousands of years and hundreds of incarnations. He’s bone weary and determined at all costs to fulfill the ancient obligation that binds him.

When Kate shakes hands with her drop-dead gorgeous new colleague, she knows he’s in mortal danger. A confirmed skeptic about paranormal phenomena, she’s shocked and terrified by this sinister premonition. And that’s just the beginning of what’s in store for the shy, scholarly professor and the sexy stud with a dark, horrific secret.

Aidan bewitches Kate right into his bed, where they have the hottest sex she’s ever experienced. But is there more to this mysterious stranger than meets the eye? Kate crashes head-on into a world where witchcraft is alive and well and ancient evil still holds sway—and where she’s in grave danger of losing more than just her heart.

To My Readers: In Cursed, I bring together a shy, scholarly heroine with the dangerous, breathtakingly handsome and virile romantic hero I’ve always dreamed about. At the same time that Kate is swept off her feet by her mysterious new colleague, she begins to experience eerie premonitions, strange dreams and inexplicable sensations of déjà vu. After she meets Aidan, she see witches and death everywhere she looks, but she also discovers a wild, wanton inner vixen she never knew existed. Cursed chronicles a centuries-long journey of jealousy, loss, betrayal, and, ultimately, love. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

ISBN: 9781603107730 1603107738 Publication Date: 02/2012
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