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Desire Unleashed - The Eternal Love of the Seekers #8 - by Toya Richardson
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Category: Paranormal Romance, Thriller, extreme danger, loyalty, risk taking, sacrifice and extremely, hot, sizzling, slow-burning love, loyalty
Series: The Eternal Love of the Seekers
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  
Description: After three years apart, Elise De Silva and Drew Greenway hope they are over each other, but when their eyes meet across a crowded ballroom, all their feelings for each other rush to the surface again. However, they cannot be together as Elise is his best friend’s daughter, and he’s a thousand years older than she. As their love grows for one another like an out of control fire, they give in to their feelings and declare their love for each other. They know they can never be apart and decide to tell her parents, rather than have a clandestine relationship. With the final battle between the Seekers and Global Innovations coming, Elise has some difficult choices to make. Does she lie to Drew in order to save his life, or does she risk it in the hope that he will be safe?

Reader Alert! Drew greenway is desperate for a woman to love, one who loves his music, sense of humor and loves nothing more than to take long, romantic walks by his seaside cottage. Everyone thinks he’s a playboy, a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. There is one woman who fits the bill, but she is the daughter of his best friend, forbidden fruit and a thousand years younger than he. He keeps trying to deny his feelings and is instrumental in suggesting she goes to the seeker house in the USA for a few months. To keep her safe from abduction by Nikolas Krystos…but also safe from him. Elise de Silva has loved drew since the age of fifteen. He is everything she wants in a man and as she gets older, her feelings only get stronger for him. She tries everything to get him to at least kiss her, but he always backs off. When she discovers he suggests she leaves the mansion with her best friend, Tamara, and cousin, Nathan, she sees it as a rejection. She says spiteful and cruel things as she leaves and neither one sees how much they cry at the separation. After three years they return and as drew and Elise’s eyes meet across a crowded ballroom, all their feelings resurface so much stronger than before. After many teasing and burning encounters, they finally make love and it is sizzling, mind-blowing and completely out of this world. When Elsie gives drew a sleeping drug to keep him safe from harm, she offers herself to Nikolas Krystos in order to keep him safe. Drew is completely beside himself, but she has allies within the Krystos household who will see her safely returned. Along with this sexy, passionate love affair, the war is finally upon the seekers and global innovations. Can Elise, Tamara and Nathan save their race as destined, or will Nikolas, and his sons, Damon and Leon be the victors. When Camille tells Paul Veron to push the button, does he have the courage to do so.

To my readers: Hi, I have to say out of all the Atlantean series i have written this is my personal favorite. The will they, won’t they aspect of the relationship between drew and Elise is extremely hot, tense and very passionate, with mind-blowing consequences. But there is so much more going on. Greta Devine, Nikolas Krystos’ partner, and son, Leon, no longer agree with his hostile policies against the humans and the seekers and start to send messages via birds to keep the seekers updated. Phoenicia Coeur’s days are numbered when she is betrayed by someone she thought was weak. And as the book draws to the close, one of Elise’s close friends and khan the tiger are dying. Do her mutated powers have the strength to save them? And which faction will be the victor in all of this. Will anyone survive from the fallout, or will the home planet of Atlantis decide to destroy them all…even the humans? So, grab a copy of the book, sit in your favorite seat and be prepared for the most explosive finale to this part of the seekers adventures so far.

About the author: I have been writing seriously for the last six years. It was after the death of my wonderful mother who was desperate to see my work published. Unfortunately, she passed away before she saw it happen. I began to write seriously after that, needing to fill the huge void she’d left in my life. I started off with a romance/thriller and then wrote two fantasy books, but didn’t feel like i’d quite found my “voice”. So I thought I’d combine all the elements that I enjoyed writing about and paranormal romance fits the bill exactly. The first one I wrote, the Atalantean birthright, was going to be a one-off, but it’s become a bit of a monster and book 9 is now a wisp. I also have a romance/thriller published with a UK publisher. I have written 17 books in total, some in contemporary romance and others in paranormal and fantasy – all romance-related. Some of them are still require final edits before submitting to publishers.

ISBN: 9781603100519 1603100512 Publication Date: 05/2016
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