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Double Exposure - by Tori Scott

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Category: Contemporary
Length: Novel Class
MSRP/List Price: $6.95
Our Cover Price: $4.00
Available Format: eBook  
Description: Wild child Lacy Fitzgerald may have made one bet too many. This time, the stakes are her trust fund, her freedom, and even her single status. To win, she must take her father's seed money and create a successful lingerie company in one year, and she must do it on her own. Six months into it, out of money and deeply in debt, she hires a handsome hunk to make her catalog sizzle and her sales soar.

But far from being a typical lingerie model, there's more to Gabriel Wallace than meets her eyes or her hands. Gabe isn't a down-on-his-luck construction worker standing in the unemployment line. He's not broke and desperate for any job, even one that has him posing in nothing but skin and his shorts. And he's most definitely not the kind of guy who wears skintight, heart-speckled silk briefs under his rugged jeans.

But for the chance to spend time with Lacy, Gabe will do almost anything. Anything, that is, except tell her who he really is.

To My Readers: Double Exposure is a story very dear to my heart. Lacy and Gabe deserve each other, but parental interference threatens their chance at happiness. How many of us have had the same experience? I hope you enjoy reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

ISBN: 9781603102063 160310206X Publication Date: 08/01/2008
Rating: 4/5 Stars! star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif

 Heat level: H

Launching a lingerie company, Satin and Steel on a limited budget wasn't easy but for Lacy Fitzgerald it is the end of the line. She has to stand up on her feet and make her dear dad realize that he has a sensible daughter who can make effective business deals just like he does. A last minute search for a handsome hunky lingerie model brings her face to face with Gabe Matthews and she feels that his appeal as a rugged construction worker would help her to generate sales. What she doesn't know is that this particular man has lots up his sleeve that would make her fall for him in no time!

Lacy may appear a carefree young woman with only fun on her mind, but really emerges as a responsible person when the need arises. I know I should hate her father for forcing her into earning a living for herself but it turns out that parents really do know more. I never thought that Gabe would be a man to say yes when he doesn't want to but Lacy's charm makes him do things that he never meant to do. I found myself secretly smirking as Lacy's outrageous underwear made Gabe cringe. It really felt like lust at first sight, as the couple never shared their feelings for each other. True, their hot escapades make you hum with excitement but I felt love was lacking somewhere along the line. Sparks from the exciting chemistry that they share had my insides singing in no time. The plot fulfills the demands of a fun contemporary romance and you find yourself pulled in while the couple is trying on raunchy lingerie. Lacy's dear friend, Suzanne Santini is an interesting character and I wouldn't mind meeting her in her own story.

For a debut, Ms. Scott shows real promise and I expect truly dreamy delightful tales from her. Mixed identities, a hot lingerie catalog photo shoot and a daring heroine all make Double Exposure a completely adorable story that is fun to read and hard to put down!

~~Mahaira Fatima ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Lacy Fitzgerald has made a wager with her father. He will give her money to start up a business, if said business is a success in one year she wins. If the business is in the red and isn't making money she must marry Devin, the man of her father's dreams, not hers. The lingerie business she starts is failing quickly at the six month mark and she needs to pump new blood into the floundering business. That new blood comes in the form of Gabe Wallis, her new model for her lingerie. Sparks fly and steam rises between the two, but is there a future for them or the business?

Lingerie, lust, and one hot male model make for an enjoyable story. Lacy is a character that is easy to identify with. She is strong, confident, and naughty. She knows her mind and sticks with her choices. Her sexual inventiveness is downright outrageous. Gabe is sexy, strong, and has a hint of mystery about him. The sexual chemistry is combustible. The couple faces conflicts that add depth to the story. Plenty of fun with a great amount humor, the story keeps the reader interested. Ms. Scott has a knack for telling a story. I look forward to reading more by this talented author.

~~ Dawnie ~ Fallen Angels

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