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Endangered - by Sascha Illyvich
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Category: Paranormal Erotic Romance, Main Theme: Control & Surrender, D/s elements, wolf shifters, vampires and ménage
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

Livía Ilona, vampire queen of San Francisco, and her lover Isabella, have kept The Syndicate and their drugs out of their territory until recently when a new boss stepped in and started making strict demands. Tiring of their threats, Livía strikes a deal with The Syndicate's leader to keep out of Nob Hill. All she has to do is kill the one man who happens to be causing problems—Joséf Staganov. Except he's not just a troublemaking ex-cop, he's the key to returning Livía's human soul.

Rogue cop turned vigilante, Joséf Staganov fights to keep The Syndicate and their drugs off the streets of San Francisco, using whatever means necessary. Aware that his life is on a short leash, he trusts only himself until even that trust is betrayed by an operation gone bad. Now hooked on the drugs he's trying to eradicate, Joséf vows to take as much of the criminal organization down as possible before he dies. Except during a fight, the Queen of the Night comes with her lover to his rescue and to abduct him.

Capture quickly turns to seduction until Joséf learns the real reason for his kidnapping: Recover Isabella's boy. The human in him still sees the good of his act, yet the beast Livía accidentally unleashes presents an all new threat. Can the threesome recover Isabella's son, topple the Syndicate and stop the threats on their lives?

Reader Alert!

Hot, heartfelt passion will capture your attention! For those who like dark books, this is for you! 

To My Readers:

The amount of pain and love an author puts into a book is something amazing because we are often forced to reach down deeper than most folks would just to come up with a story readers would enjoy. with this book, the start of a new series, I dug in pretty deep to look at who the characters were, why they were and how they were. Addressing the needs of such passionate characters became the goal as the story's plot took place around them and tore at their spirits. The message became clear as the story progressed, all three need each other the way humans need oxygen. Love being the essential, not quite a cure all, but a damn good start, to fixing what ails each character becomes a theme as the story progresses, reminding us of the ties that bind are the most important ones of all.

About the Author:

The Folks At Red Sage Wanted You To Connect With The Inner Goddess Of Their Authors And While That's Fine And Dandy, My Inner Goddess Is Just That, Seeing As How I'm A Male Romance Author.  Ha!  Seriously Though, My Readers Truly Get Me And I Couldn't Be More Grateful For Each One Of You Than I Already Am.


ISBN: 9781603108621 1603108629 Publication Date: 09/2014
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