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Euphoria - by A.C. Melody
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Category: Pure Erotica, BDSM
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
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Available Format: eBook  

Desperate to find a cure for her numb senses before she can completely disgrace her family's legacy, Hallie Florence checks herself into the world's worst kept secret; an exclusive clinic for the sexually inadequate called Euphoria.  Her last expectation is to become fast friends with the crudest, most unrefined Dominatrix to ever grace her presence.  While Hallie may be New Paradise's very own princess, Malory Bickson is royalty in her own right.  Daughter of the most famous Erotica Queen, there is a lot of expectation riding on her shoulders.  Yet yielding to the walking seduction known as Oliver Pierson, may be the only way to protect her new-found friend from his fierce, carnal hunger.  And from her own.

When the Lord Mayor summoned, you answered.  Only, Yvette Leander knew that it could cause her to betray her best friend's trust.  Certain that he was going to demand his sister's whereabouts, Yvette's surprised when Adrian Florence offers her an enviable position within his Court, instead.  To become one of his Favorites... and his spy.  Now, all she has to do is learn how to juggle being a Mistress to her new pet, Dominic and a submissive, without losing her heart to a slave in the process and failing them all.

The only laws that matter, are those that govern the intricate dynamics of the Lord Mayor's Court, and they are worldwide.  The very foundation of countless, diverse BDSM cultures thriving in every corner of the globe.  But not everyone prioritizes pleasure and luxury over the more tempting power of greed, and when an old enemy against the golden aura of sensual indulgence arises, Euphoria could be the unsafest place in all of New Paradise to be...

Reader Alert! Hallie just wants to feel something, but between Oliver's intense seduction and Malory's sultry passion, she soon finds herself plunging into a storm of carnal pleasures her poor system wasn't prepared for!  Warning! Entering a world built around the provocative layers of BDSM, may result in submitting to your own erotic desires!!

To My Readers: Dear Readers,

I can honestly say that writing Euphoria was an experience like no other.  I felt much like I was attempting to steer a car being towed behind the true drivers of the plot.  The result is this amazingly different story that I hope you find just as fascinating to explore, as I found to unravel.  Each of the characters that insisted on being a part of this modern-fantasy, bring their own unique perspective to the table (or cross!).  Allowing you, the reader, the opportunity to experience the many facets of a culture harvested from the seeds of BDSM and tended by the truly heartfelt blatancies of their desires. 

Euphoria is special to me, for the simple fact that it gave me permission to let go of all of the constraints I tend to put on myself as a writer, and examine a lot of the 'what if's' I think the story touches on.  What if there was no taboo sex?  What if honesty, trust and respect really could bring about a kind of peaceful existence?  As with all of my books and characters, digging into the heart of the matter really is a vital element for me, and I truly believe that amid the graphic, hot eroticism, you'll find an abundance of love that goes deep, that frees the soul, and binds ever as closely as those beloved straps.

About the Author: A.C. Melody lives in Washington State, is the proud mom of two amazing sons – okay, so they're typical boys and always keep her on her toes!  Stemming from a family of artists and musicians, she thrives in all things creative and would call a day without her MP3 player and coffee a day of reckoning.  When she's not writing, reading, drawing or cheering on the sidelines at football games, A.C. Also enjoys gardening, which has honed her ability to dodge raindrops into an enviable skill.

ISBN: 9781603100458 1603100458 Publication Date: 09/2017
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